2005 Nissan Quest Red Brake Light and Battery flashing on/off on dashboard?

If you have a 2005 Nissan Quest, and on your dashboard, the Brake Light and Battery light flashing on/off not consistently, it mean your battery is not charging.

Your battery is not charging it could be one of the top two problem. Your Battery is bad or your Alternator is bad.

If you’re on the road, stop by the next nearest auto store such as Autozone, AdvancedAuto, Kragen, whatever … even auto repair garage shop although they may charge you a fee for diagnosing the problem.

There’s a device that can quickly check your Battery or Alternator problem on every auto parts store or auto repair shop garage. They can check it, the process takes 5mins the most, and it should tell your whether your battery is bad or your alternator is bad.

Most likely your battery is bad, if you have it over 3 years or so and depend on the load, quality or weather. Mine said battery bad, replaced it and it’s been good.

If it’s alternator problem, it’s not a good idea to drive at night time, or driving while using anything that can drain the battery. Go home if you can and replace the alternator. If you’re far away or in the middle of no where, try to get to the nearest auto repair shop and get the alternator replaced. It may take a whole day, so prepare to wait or go somewhere and come back.