Anyone ordered delivered water to your front door and have a bunch of empty bottle lying around?

I’m just wondering if I’m the only one whom have a bunch of empty water bottle lying around because I kept on forgetting to return the empty bottle back to the water delivering company LOL 🙂

At the beginning, these companies sent a schedule date of your delivery, and they’re mostly ontime and I need to leave the empty bottle for them to pick up. Well, I kept of forgetting the delivering date. Now they went high-tech and sent the delivery notice via email, that help a little bit, but not much. I read the email kept it in mind, but the next I know was I didn’t bring it out LOL.

I think I have a solution, since everyone, mostly, have mobile devices, texting might something to use, when the delivery coming in a few hours or next day or something send the text for reminder, the user can respond back and say “got it” that way they would not receive another text, other wise the reminder text will keep sending until it’s delivered or the person text back and said “stop” or “got it” lol 🙂 might sound irritating though.

BTW, I think those water delivered taste good, better than tab water for sure, and off course cleaner, haven’t seen complaint yet.