Bitcoin is in the positive number start of the week

Last week for a few days straight it’s been in the positive, many would thought this week it will go down in the red. However today, starting of the week, it’s still in the positive green, but we don’t know for how long.

Predicting Bitcoin price is like predicting on who will win the lottery or what # will be the winning #, yeah exactly! we don’t know 🙂

The only thing for an average Bitcoin enthusiast like myself here today is to watch the price, and read the news. I no longer doing any mining, although I still have the mining hardware, a few BFL and so, just sitting around collecting dusts.

I do hold on to a small # of Bitcoins, and hope one day it will go to at least $500 again. Optimistic about the $500, but higher than that, the probability is low! because everyone already know, bitcoin not supposed to go up that high that fast, but really not predictable.