Pope Francis was in the USA last week what have we learned?

I’m a catholic. I’ve been watching the Pope visit the US over the last few days, especially last couple of days, Saturday and Sunday where he’s in Philadelphia.

What have I learned personally?

  1. Pope Francis to me is all about unity, care for each others, everyone is included. This is easy to say than done. How do we do it? First I think through a lot of prayers where god will lend a hand. With faith that it can be done among all of us, I believe that can be done, it’s a like a chain reaction.
  2. Pope Francis mentioned being modest and humble. This to me makes lots of sense. In other word, we have the term “equality”, again easy said than done. However if each of us sees the need of others whom might be needed or want to be just like you, then lend them a hand to do so. Being modest, Pope Francis already set an example, with his Fiat car. Being humble, Pope Francis also set example, he does not ignore anyone, the sick, the handicap, the dirty, he will clean your feet and kiss it, and he’s the Pope will power as strong as the President of the US, but would the ever president kisses someone’s feet?
  3. The last thing I learned is, Pope Francis mentioned “what about you?” a very simple question, but not everyone have an easy straight forward answer. I’ve done good deed, help elder crosses the street, pay for a homeless man meal, “what about you?”

Overall, I think it was a successful visit. Pope Francis will be in Ireland for visit in 2018. Pope visited the US historical records: http://www.usccb.org/about/leadership/holy-see/francis/papal-visit-2015/history-papal-visits-to-united-states.cfm