Seized or stuck Wheel Bearing 2005 Nissan Quest solution for $2

I have a 2005 Nissan Quest with 103K miles on it. It’s making a lot of “won …won …won …won …won …won …” noise or sound when driving, doesn’t matter what speed. I did some research and confirmed it’s the Wheel Bearing. I purchased both front pair and back pair for about $150 in ebay, probably made in China or cheap brand, well now a day anything made in China anyways. Beside my 2005 model is over 10 years old, why spend a ton of money.

However I started to work on replacing the Wheel Bearing, I noticed the Wheel Bearing is seized. I tried whatever methods were recommended including using Liquid Wrench, Slide Hammer, Knock with hammer, for several hours. Nothing work. So in the end what work for me was a $2 nut and bolt from Homedepot did the trick. Here’s I did it.

  1. Knock out of the wheel stud screw with a hammer.
  2. Get a nut and bolt from local Homedepot that fit your wheel stud hole.
  3. Screw in the nut bolt and push the Wheel Bearing, you may want to repeat the process top and bottom, until you can pry it out. Be careful not to damage the axle gear to the Wheel Bearing.

I’m sure you can use this same methods for many other model cars without spending a ton of money on liquid wrench, slide hammer, special tools, and so on. Just $2 will do the trick. 🙂