$3 a month non voip phone # from T-Mobile is among the only one that’s available today

If you need a landline #, or so called non-voip #, and at affordable price, T-Mobile prepaid probably the best and the only non-voip # available today.

Have you ever encountered issues with bank, or related institution, included some money earning website such as swagbucks earnhoney and so on required you to have an actual phone that is not voip? well this is where the t-mobile $3 a month would help greatly. However the t-mobile prepaid monthly $3 is limited to 30mins or 30 text per month, perhaps not a regular phone, but a phone for verification purpose that is not voip phone. Be careful though, never know those institution might even get tougher by flagging prepaid phone user don’t matter if landline, flagged prepaid phone user, that would sucks badly though.

The total cost if you want this would be about $10 for activation sim, good if you have unlocked or t-mobile phone,  then load it with $10 will give you 3 + months, then you would have to reload again in 3+ months to keep it active. So total $20 for 3+ months then $10 every 3 + months. Not bad at all for non voip phone #. Can be use for emergency also, since t-mobile signal is very good. $3 only have talk and text, no data at all.