Watch out for Hertz Rental Car toll fees service charge from Platepass

It was a surprised to me when I got a bill for $30 from Platepass. I noticed it link to my rental car with Hertz in San Francisco Bay area.

I rented a Jeep for 4 days. I went to San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge once, and I noticed there wasn’t a toll person so I can pay the toll, but instead it appears to be automated somehow. The toll maybe $7 or less. However I got charged from Platepass for $30. What a ripped off huh?

Well apparently, Hertz partnership with Platepass and somewhere hidden on the rental agreement from Hertz they didn’t disclosed this information and I got ding for it, because I agreed to it with my signature somewhere. So be careful what you’re signing and be careful with Hertz, it’s not my first time have negative experience with Hertz rental car. Another time Hertz said the insurance I bought online for their car rental is useless and asking me to buy it directly from Hertz instead.

Platepass charged $5 per day, and it doesn’t matter if you use it or not, Toll that is. On top of that, the actual toll of $10 or whatever the amount you need to pay toll. So total up $30.

$30 is not much really, but the business strategy from Hertz and Platepass is a ripped off. How much money they making from people like me? a lot! there are many others.