Sky Lantern Festival customer service are horrible!

If you bought tickets from some great deals website like and so on for a Sky Lantern Festival through night lights event, be careful make your ticket is correct 100% from date, time, location, age group, people, what’s include and not, and lastly 100% you will make it to the event. Otherwise you will have a super hard time and maybe next to impossible to make changes to your ticket, if you can even get a respond from customer support at all.

In the case with, ticket purchased at voucher received, voucher redeemed but the ticket printed out wrong date. The date printout for ticket event the next day not the day for the ticket was purchased. Requested for support through website, 1st responded 3 days later, replied to the customer support 2 weeks no respond, went back to the website support and updated the message, so far still no respond, just want to correct the date, 3 weeks and counting …

Be careful!