Amazon BFULL Binoculars “[Important] Tips and Service for Bfull Binoculars !!”

If you purchased the Amazon BFULL Binoculars or have one and it’s not working for you following guide on the manual, maybe try the following it will fix it like the one I have. Basically how to adjust it before you call it not working, piece of crap, junk … well most items are not really junk, it’s just that you need some specially attention to it to make it work correctly. Below are latest direction how to adjust it optimal level for your BFULL binoculars.

On Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 5:21:26 AM EDT, Bfull – Amazon Marketplace wrote:
You have received a message from the Amazon Seller – Bfull
This is BFULL. Thank you for purchasing BFULL Binoculars.
I would like to give you some tips for using the binoculars. Please take 1 min to read this email.
How to use:
Close your right eye and sight an object with your left eye, rotating the center focus wheel until the image is sharp and clear.
Open your right eye and close your left eye. Rotating the right eyepiece until the object sighted is sharp and clear.
Adjust the barrels until getting a single circular field.
Always store your binocular in its case when not use.
When wiping the lens,use a dry soft lint-less cloth.
Store your binocular in a moisture-free area even if it is waterproof
Please don’t use it to see the sun directly , it will be harm to your eyes.
We received some feedback about the binoculars have double vision or breakage, that is because the binoculars was damaged during the long-distance transportation.
Please do not worry, BFULL binoculars support 1 year warranty. If you have any problems during use, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to help you.
We hope you will be satisfied with BFULL binoculars, enjoy the wonderful view. If you like our binoculars, could you share your user experience? Your kindness will help more people know this item.
Thank you for your support.
Best regards,
BFULL Customer Support
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