Why you should not trust social media business or fan page…

Let say you recently found a really good site and they have social media such as facebook, instagram, telegram, discord, youtube and so on. So you feel comfortable trusting them right? WRONG!

Let start by saying that, all these top popular social media account here one day and gone the next day, on top of that how would you know what was said written is true? on their social media site? Bottom line, these social media account be created very easily and anonymously without a trace to the original owner, and best of all they can revise the message posted, put in restriction, totally control of what they allow to make it how they want it, in addition to totally delete the whole site and go bye bye, and you can’t do damn thing about it.

Off course there are pros and cons, but for now just saying the negative side of it. What can you trust? short answer: nothing. Now a day be skeptical of everything, rule of thumb “if it looks good to be true, probably not” “if it walk like a duck, quack like a duck, probably is a duck” “what you get is what you paid for” … you get the point.

Here’s one scenario. Let say I want to scam people money and or get people to join me. I would create a facebook, instagram and youtube account anonymously through VPN or using a public WIFI hotspot or a hacked internet wifi connection, this way no one know who I am, and it’s all FREE. Next I would spend about $1 a month for a domain and website through service like godaddy.com. Then next I would copy some contents from another website(s) and modified it a little bit and make it my own, let say I start a new investment platform that will pay 1% interest daily, I would find similar website and copy its contents and functionality. Then on youtube, instagram, telegram, facebook, whatever I would do the same copy some contents modified it and make it my own. I let it run for a few months then when I see it’s making me money then I can consider shutting it down and run away without a trace. I would delete all the social media accounts and disappear, no one know who am I, not even police FBI, by the way they wouldn’t even bother to investigate if you just taken less than $1 million scam. The account you’ve created was from a public hotspot wifi internet, the computer is VM, and you’re using fake information or sometime someone else identity. Hec I can do all these on an airplane traveling around the world.

So think about this, and question yourself how much should you trust social media facebook instagram youtube etc.