Buy anything with Cryptos? through bitrefill gift card? “Bitrefill News – Shopping Cart, Lightning Conference, China Launch…”

So this is great news. Bitrefill have a lot of gift cards products from many top bran or online retailer store including travels like hotels airbnb and car rental, whatever you’re looking for, Bitrefill might have it, if not the exact retailer name but at least similar retail that would have the same item you’re looking for. In term of privacy, I would say it’s semi private, since if authority want to track you down, they can go to the retail store or where you spend your gift card and do a backward trace or vi-versa forward trace they can track you down, but it will take time, however I would not worry about this unless you did something so wrong or totally wrong that would trigger an investigation. Other than that it is somewhat semi-private anonymous, but it is traceable, so be careful, don’t do wrong things, then you have nothing to worry about.

This update Bitrefill completed by adding shopping cart, you can now buy multiple items and paid at one time. For instant, let say they max airbnb gift card you can purchase is $100 max per purchase, now you can add multiple $100 airbnb gift card into your shopping cart at bitrefill and pay for it at one time instead of previously if you need $1000 worth of airbnb, you will be doing the purchase check out 10 times manually that’s a waste of time. So kudo to bitrefill! however fees still a bit high though, I wouldn’t buy Bitcoin or other Cryptos to buy Bitrefill gift card to buy something like airbnb, because for $1000 use you will be paying additional $40-$50 in fees to Bitrefill and blockchain, I guess that’s how they make money. If you have cash, just guy the items directly from the retail store, if you have cryptos want to be semi anonymous go ahead and use Birefill, otherwise go cash your Bitcoin cryptos through coinbase and pay your tax and you have cash to do whatever you want, it’s up to you, the power of freedom and choices, so make the right choice folks, don’t cheat, know the risk and ask yourself if you can afford the risk?

On Friday, November 8, 2019, 10:01:53 AM EST, Bitrefill [email protected] wrote:
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New Shopping Cart features at
This week, we launched a major update at, adding shopping cart features. You can learn more in this blog post, or start shopping now.
Bitrefill at the Lightning Conference
Last month, the Bitrefill team attended the first Lightning Conference. If you missed the excitement, try some of these videos:
Sergej Kotliar, CEO, on a panel about Lightning for retail here.
Justin Camarena, Lightning Lead, presenting Bitrefill’s Thor products here.
John Carvalho, CCO, interviewed by Bitcoin Magazine here.
New gift cards & language support for China
Chinese shoppers can now choose Mandarin as a language option while shopping for 8 additional new gift card options at, including Carrefour, Walmart, JD, Suning, TMall, VIPSHOP, GAP gift cards, and 21Cake
New prices & options for Zalando, FlightGift
Zalando products are now available, with improved pricing, for Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden*, and the United Kingdom.
Our FlightGift & HotelGift products are now denominated in 14 native currencies. Choose from hundreds of airlines and thousands of hotels worldwide.
Is there a product missing that you would like us to have?
Please email us at [email protected] tweet at @bitrefill and let us know!
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