Nissan Quest code P0340 P0345 scan just replace all three sensors

If you have a Nissan Quest, in my case I have a 2005 Nissan Quest, one day the engine start stalling and service engine light came on with a bunch of other like the TCS SLIP. Then when I tried to start the engine again, it cranked for a very long time but it does start and probably safe to drive for short distance like home or automotive shop.

When I plug in the odb2 scanners and scan it, I get error codes like the P0340 P0345 and these tied to the camshaft position sensors. Sometime only one, not all will have error. However it’s best to replace all three, because when one died the rest will follow. Do not buy from cheap OEM chinese made especially with cheap price like $20 to $50 for all three set, you’re taking chances 50/50 will work and does not work for long. Get the original one made by nissan, go to the dealership and order it it, sure it will cost you $300 or so, but it’s nissan original not the cheap oem.

You can replace these on your own, no special tools needed. There are a bunch of youtube videos on how to replace these sensors.

Camshaft Position Sensor Part Number (for Bank 2 / near radiator)

Camshaft Position Sensor Part Number (for Bank 1 / near firewall)

Part No.: 23731-AL606

fixed nissan quest error code p0340 p0345 p0020
fixed nissan quest error code p0340 p0345 p0020