Nissan Quest van electronic automatic sliding door stuck not working? – fixed

If you have a Nissan Quest with automatic electronic sliding door stuck or don’t open close fully. The fix I did was simply clean all the mechanism like gear wheels that move the door, and if you can open the inside panel and clean the gears motors and cable as well with WD-40.

Basically try to clean all the gears mechanism that move the door first to see if the door move freely without any force. I recommend WD-40, just spray it and move the door back and forth while spraying. After the WD-40 clean with a cloth if you can, then grease it if you want to make it even more freely to move. Now try to open and close the sliding door, it should move smoother than before, so the electric motor that move the door now should be able to close and open fully.

You may need to reprogram the door though because it might have loss its memory tension on where when to stop the motor otherwise it will try to open and close with less force or too much force could cause problem. So see if you can reprogram it.