Not only Vietnam China or other countries even here in the USA roadway expanding are taking over your private property

I have came across a post from about neighboring folks receiving letters from the city or county that the roadway will need to be expanded and in order to do that some residential property will get impacted and probably get push back their yard in order to expand the road. This is happening everywhere in the world, some will get compensated, some may choose their own decision to just stay and so on and so forth. This is especially for old neighborhood with lots and lots of people are moving in with lots of cars and traffic, so in order to make traffic better, the road need to be expanded.

Route 30 Construction Project- Eminent Domain
I should start out by saying that my backyard butts up against Route 30.
Last Saturday I received a letter from PennDot notifying me of the upcoming Route 30 project. It informed me that workers may be coming onto my property to evaluate the scope of the project, and should they determine it, could take part of my land in order to complete the widening of 30. The very next day a PennDot worker was behind my house looking at the land.
Has anyone else gotten this letter? If so, how do you feel about it? Are there any township meetings to learn more details about this, and what we can expect? I am concerned about what this could mean for my property value if 30 is now even CLOSER to my house. I would also like to petition that if these changes are made that myself (and neighbors who are also against the highway) have a noise cancelling wall constructed to separate our houses from the road.
Has anyone else gotten this letter, have thoughts/opinions, or know where to find more info?