DJI Osmo pocket camcorder camera battery big disadvantage

I’m in the market for a new smaller portable camcorder to replace my old GoPro5 Black. After doing all the research in many forums and youtube reviews. Although I do not have first hand experience with the DJI Osmo pocket camera yet, but knowing the fact that the battery in the DJI Oscmo pocket camera cannot be replaced easily, meaning I cannot just snap open it and put in a new battery vs the GoPro camera battery can be replaced easily, just put in a new one.

So the battery on the DJI Osmo Pocket only last 1-2hrs for use with a lot of motion moving around (not staying still), and probably 140 minutes the most with the camera gimbal staying still. That is not a lot of battery life per charge, versus the GoPro although may have the same recording time but you can put in the new battery easily without any loss time recording. So let say you’re in a situation where you need to record for the next 3 or 4 hours or more, and DJI Osmo cannot support that, you would need to charge it up either with power adapter or a battery pack if you have it with you, versus the GoPro you can bring a bunch of batteries in your pocket and replace it fast each time battery runs out.

Although it is noted that DJI Osmo Camcorder indicated in the forum “Yes, you can use/record using the DJI Osmo Pocket while charging the unit. But, it is recommended to charge the unit fully before using it as the battery life might be affected by the heat, please kindly note and understand” I still think this is a big disadvantage that not many reviewers are mentioning. Since if I’m going for an action camera, I would like that action camera to have long battery life, if not then it need to be replaceable easily so I don’t miss out any video recording time. I do not want to bring a battery pack it’s big and bulky and required me to remember to bring it, it defeat the purpose of having the small portable action camera. So kudo to GoPro much more robust than the DJI Osmo Pocket, maybe DJI should stick with making drones. Although DJI Osmo Pocket have the built in gimbal still cannot compete with the GoPro latest 7. + stabilizer much more smoother even without the gimbal.