How to search Bitcoin Ethereum crypto wallets on a computer?

It does not matter whether it’s a PC windows computer laptop or Linux, the fire structures naming are pretty much the same for all crypto wallets. The keyword to search for are *wallet*.*, *bitcoin*.*, and search for file name, folder name, all files directories of the hard drive. If any crypto wallet exist you should get a result showing. Maybe try *coin*.* also but I think that’s overkill. However if the wallet is backed up as compressed file such as a zip or rar file and the naming does not contain the above keyword, then chances are your computer will not find it, you would need a better search program to look inside a compressed file as well.

So the over is just for a quick search basic search of any computer that might have a Crypto wallet like Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin etc… it’s good for curious people wondering if their friends or other people’s computer might have a Crypto wallet in the computer or you purchased a used hard drive and wondering if it has Bitcoin wallet in it before you wiped it, or you can tried to recover a hard drive that might hold a wallet key may have Bitcoin or Crypto in it.

For older windows machine like Windows XP, you can search by right click on the hard drive and select search. For newer windows machine like Windows 7 and up, you can use the search from top right corner or type it directly on the start … For Linux machine you can use grep command, but make sure you are at the root directory with command / slash or so, just make sure you are at root home directory then command grep [options] pattern [files]