Samsung “My Files” app for android will delete your Google Drive files pictures permanently

I do not know if there are any settings on Google Drive side or on Samsung “My Files” app side, that can configure deletion option to delete it but put it in Trash not delete permanently.

It happened to a friend of mine, he got Samsung J7 Prime with “My Files” app, when he access Google Drive from “My Files” app and delete a file or picture, it got deleted permanently not even seeing it in the Trash. How do I know this? well if you look in Google Drive options and click on the exclamation mark icon, you will see the history of what happening in your Google Drive, in other word you will see what file being created and modified and deleted permanently ….

So I decided to do some research and contacted Samsung Support in regard to the Android phone app “My Files” in Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, asking them to confirm what happen when I delete the file using “My Files” linking to Google Drive, and the answer was they said Google Drive should have put it in Trash, but they asked me to contact Google Drive support instead.

So I contacted I tried to contact Google Support but there isn’t a way to contact Google directly for this, we would have to go through support forum community searching for questions and answer. In the end I found one link that would take me to recovery or restore of file being deleted permanently, and support from Google Drive was fast, they ran a tool and restored the permanently deleted files permanently, that all they can support, in regard to questions “My Files” app deleting the file permanently they refer me back to Samsung, cache-22 I think.

Anyhow, this is not the same as orphaned file on Google Drive as most people would refer to, where the owner created the file and share with others have full access and those other people have full access deleted the file but then realized they can’t undelete it or didn’t see it in the Trash folder, this is so call orphaned file where you’re not the owner and you deleted the file and don’t see it in the Trash. Well since you’re not the owner, the file is not technically your, and when you delete it, it just delete in the Trash folder of the owner not you, although you have full access. You can ask the owner to restore it, not a problem. Google kept deleted file in Trash folder for up to 60 days and delete it permanently.

So to summarize it. Do not use any other app programs whatever to control another software application, in other word don’t use My Files app to control Google Drive files especially when deleting. It’s like you’re putting a Nissan engine into a Ford car, off course it will run from point A to point B, but there will be side effect. Basically if you’re going to use Google Drive then use Google App to manage it, not third party like My Files from Samsung.

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