How to secure your Bitcoin to your beneficiary in an event that you died or loss of memory illness?

For me, since I trust google drive if I configured it correctly it is pretty much secure. Now a day most if not everyone have internet and an email, and chances are google gmail. I use the google feature that have basic monitoring of your status whether you’re active or inactive. Active mean it detect you’re online tied to your google account, inactive mean your account hasn’t been detected being online or active for a while. So by using this feature google can detect if you’re dead possible and it will automatically send you a message to mail, then to your device app message, then to your phone, if you did not respond or answer, it will consider you’re dead and then it will start sending messages to your so call beneficiary.

So after a period of time like 1 month 2 months 3 months or so on, you can configure this, after google did not detect your active status, it will send an email to your so call beneficiary asking them to check up on you to see if you’re alive or dead. In the message you can give access to your beneficiary of your google drive access to certain folders or documents, they would need to download by certain amount of time before google will destroy your whole google drive storage after confirming you’re dead. So make sure it is being downloaded. So by using this method you can embed certain information, in this case maybe the password to your Bitcoin wallet or the location of your Bitcoin Cryptos wallet. You can configure secondary password on the documents that have this information so that to be sure it is indeed your beneficiary and not a hacker or someone else. The password can be something like what is their date of birth, or something that they know 100% for sure, something that you know each other would know for sure. This will prevent hackers hacked your beneficiary account into your documents and steal your Bitcoin Crypto wallet. This is the path I would take, since google is #1 on the internet for almost everything, they even plan to start a bank now, google bank that’s right.

Some other methods involve manual activities which I don’t like, such as give out a portion of the secret key paraphrase or something like that, divide it into 4 people or whatever I don’t think is good, because those words can be loss. Another method involve putting it a safe box, fireproof, explosion proof, waterproof and so on, but someone need the key and it can be opened by a locksmith plus someone can just steal it from your house or where ever you keep it. Another method is using the bank safebox, deposit box … I don’t know exactly how that work, but I don’t trust anyone else managing it. Therefore I think google drive is best, one google drive not enough you can have multiple, and it is all automated, you just need to make sure you configured it correctly and double tripple check, ensure you also have 2FA turned on obviously, and change your password as often as you can, but really needed unless you got hacked. This google account of your make sure you use all the accurate information, correct, real information just in case you loss your 2FA phone, you can quickly get into your google account by recovering it with a few security questions that only you would know.

Just to recap – So you have some Bitcoin stored somewhere and seeing the price of Bitcoin sky rocketed and wondering if you should sell it or not, if you’re not selling it to cash and pay tax then take a nice vacation or whatever, then you should think about securing your Bitcoin wallet to your beneficiary in the event that you died or in serious health issue where you loss your memory etc… So be prepare for that. Now some may say, I don’t need to this since I only have like 1 Bitcoin or even 0.0025Bitcoin, oh yeah? what if Bitcoin go up to $150,000 in a few years or even $1 million in 10 years then what? you just lost a ton of money there since no one can get in your Bitcoin wallet beside yourself.