The best way to avoid getting hacked of all time 2020 and beyond

From my personal experiences and experiences of others on the internet. The best way to avoid getting hacked is, none, not possible, you will get hacked no matter what if you are being targeted. Not to say that you will hacked now or tomorrow. The reason I am saying that it is not possible not to hack is because of how much data of you already available publicly whether or not you’re doing any wrong on the internet, but data of your information was secured on government computers, banks computers, school, restaurant, websites, hospitals … so on and so forth, although you did not signed up on the internet or even input any of those information, but it’s already there at one time or another … and those databases computers had been hacked at one time or another, and once the database got hacked, your information about yourself is hacked. The hacked database will be posted widely on the internet on encrypted websites for hackers to use, to sell, and those hackers will use it to hack further into your life. However do not let this scare you, and I tell you why.

Do not get scare, think of this as something already happened ever since human set foot on this planet earth. In the old days, or even dated back to the caveman era, hacking your information already occurred, how? by asking for your information, person A ask person B what’s your name? where you live? what’s your favorite color? what’s education? so on and so forth. Now a day it’s a bit different since human get emotional and sensitive about giving out personal information, so therefore we find that less and less information are being given to another person, therefore we find other ways to get the information. We trust that the government or bank would safeguard our information, and they are doing that, government and bank are doing their best to safeguard your information, but their best is all they can do.

Hacking your personal information now a day sometime does not require any hacking at all, but just by going to some hacking websites encrypted, anonymous, and buy those database already been hacked and available for you to buy. You can buy 100 credit cards, 1000 credit cards, 100 driver license, 1000 gmail account, 100 disney streaming movies account … so on and so forth. These methods does not require any hacking.

The good guys are getting clever each day and so does the bad guys. The good news is, there are a lot more good guys than bad guys out there, however the bad guys still have a piece of the pie although small. Eventually the bad guys will get caught but there will be more bad guys replacing the other one that got caught. It will never end ever because we are human, even we have the most intelligent AI ever, still AI was created by human and there will be some flaws waiting to happen.

So in the end, there isn’t any way to avoid getting hacked, if you are a target then you will get hacked one way or another. If you’re on the list of the hacked database of information, out of millions of identity, you could be one that the hacker will target by random or by some criteria they’re searching for. Let just hope you’re not one of them.

So now that we know that we all can get hacked, and knowing that it cannot be avoided, what can we do? – one word “BACKUP” backup your data, at least two set of backup, one offline on an external disk drive and one on a cloud. Offline storage you can use SSD that can be purchased from $20 to $200 enough for personal data, back up to disc like blu-ray record if you can. Cloud storage can range from $1 to $10 a month good enough for personal data from service like google. By having multiple back up, you are for sure to be able to recover your data within minutes if not few hours – if you hard drive or ssd died, you still have blu-ray disc back up – if your SSD hard drive died you still have google cloud back up – if your google cloud back up got hacked then you still have your blu-ray ssd hdd back up – that’s the beauty of having multiple back up and it’s not that hard to do. This applied to both personal and business.

Once again, I do not believe that hacking can be avoided, if someone target you no way you can avoid being hacked. You just need to have multiple backup here and there to recover within minutes or hours after being hacked. It will take hackers a long time before they can hack you again. I have done some basic training and basic hacking, it is not easy to hack someone, it takes a lot of effort and time to hack someone or some data websites, it is not easy, but with perseverance the hacker will eventually get through, whether it takes whole day or 6 months to a year, they will be able to hack you and when it’s hacked they will ask for ransom money to pay for their effort from $60k for a year work or million dollars depend on hackers effort what they think is a fair amount for their work.

Although knowing you cannot avoid being hacked, but still you should have your information safeguard through services like identityguard which monitors your personal information being leaked on the hacking websites for sale or personal information being use on bank applying for credit cards or money or use on criminal activities.

Lastly, knowing you cannot avoid being hacked, but still do the following to make it harder to get hacked, because once hackers finds you harder to hack and not worth the time and effort, hackers will move on to another person to hack. 1-Never click on links from email, text messages, sms, phone apps notification, unknown websites pops up, always double check make sure it’s legit even from your friends or family members. 2-Secure all your online accounts with 2FA, if the service don’t have 2FA don’t use it or ask them to provide one. 3-Your computer should have real time malwares antivirus program running, it only cost $30 a year for a good one like webroot, mmalwarebytes, windows bitdefenter. 4-Real time back up of your personal documents folders like My Document and so on.