Phishing email on fake “Congratulations, claim here your lumens.” stellar lumens XLM coins airdrop

The new third wave of XLM stellar lumens is real, but a lot of email are fake, phishing email that will steal your original XLM holding, do not fall for this. Like email below, if your spam email didn’t filter it out, you will get similar email below, if you mouse over the link it is not email address and it will take you to a replica website that will steal whatever you typed on it, even visiting the website the hacker got your IP location and more detail for them to track who you are and start to hack your computer …

This third stellar lumens XLM airdrop appears to be priority for keybase users only and maybe github also kind of confusing. About 300,000 keybase users for now, and probably about 300 coins per users that probably came out to be about $78 per user, so it’s not much at the current XLM price and the XLM price will probably going to go down because people selling their XLM coins once they received free. The more users on the platform, the less lumens XLM will get airdropped.

If you created a account today, you will not qualified for the airdrop, they only airdrop to old users only. You can install the software of and check to see if you qualified, you will see that new account is not qualified.

The real official announcement is here, notice the domain name spelled correctly.

For your security we disabled links in this email. If you believe it is safe to use, mark this message as not spam.
Ahoy Lumenauts!
The Third Lumen Distribution has begun
Date: 9/17/2019 1:31:04
For a 72 hour period, starting September 15, 18:00 UTC, an automated process is rendered to distribute Lumens on request, to active Stellar accounts included in the snapshot
Owned Lumens? Claim your share of the 1 Billion Lumens available in the distribution round.
Visit your stellar page and receive your lumens .
Stellar Account Viewer claim page.
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