Tax is due soon on “due by midnight April 15, 2019” for all of USA resident must file.

Whether you make $0 this year or $1 billion dollars, you must file tax, I wouldn’t trust people telling you, you don’t have to file if you make less than $15k or even less than $5k, there are situation or circumstances that would required you to file tax return yearly. Use turbotax the FREE FREE FREE … version and simply fill out and it will tell you whether you need to file or not, at least there are records of you doing it. The #1 thing to do is NEVER EVER LIED on your tax, you can ignore certain things, but DO NOT MAKE UP any # if you do not have receipts or paper document hard proof, such as you said you donate $500 to church, make sure you have proof printed saying that you did or the church have proof of it and how much during the tax year. You will not go to jail if you don’t file tax, but the chances of you go to jail for lying on taxes are much higher on top of the fees and interest for the tax year(s).

So file your tax folks, use the FREE FREE FREE turbotax version even if you don’t make anything for the year, but only tax software or professional can tell you if you need to file or not.

For those of you who buy sell Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you’re being flagged and watched, they will get to you sooner or later, don’t think that you didn’t file your cryptos buy sell and you didn’t get any IRS letter yet for the past years, it doesn’t mean you will never get it, they will get to you sooner or later even 10-15 years from now, don’t believe the 4 years max, you never know one day it will come back and haunt you for whatever reason, such as you became a government worker official or something and they will most interest in your tax history and such.

On Tuesday, March 26, 2019, 3:26:55 PM EDT, Keystone Collections Group [email protected] wrote:
Thank you for reporting your local earned income tax in Keystone’s e-file system during the last tax season.
You are receiving this courtesy email to remind you that your local earned income tax return is due by midnight April 15, 2019.
By law, Pennsylvania residents with earned income, wages or net profits must file a local earned income tax return by the statutory deadline. Even if you have employer withholding or are not expecting a refund, you must still file a timely local tax return. Late-filed returns may be subject to a late-filing cost. If you opted to file by mail instead of online this year, your return may currently be in process.
As an added convenience, e-file permits you to file your return now and schedule your tax payment to arrive on or before the due date.
If you are self-employed, have earned income reported on Form 1099, or your employer does not withhold your local earned income tax, you must e-file your quarterly estimate tax payments within 15 days following the close of each calendar quarter, or by April 15, July 15, October 15 and January 15.
Late-filed payments may be subject to statutory penalty, interest and cost.
To file your tax return or to make a payment go to:
Thank you.
Keystone Collections Group, 546 Wendel Rd, Irwin, PA 15642
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