Happy Veterans Day here in the USA November 11th 2018

I am Vietnamese American, first generation and I would like to say a few words to the Veterans people. My country Vietnam was taken over by the communist regime back in the late 60s to 70s where the war was fought and ended in 1975 with the communist took over (Viet Cong). However many Vietnamese were able to fled the country in 1975 with the US military to the USA. The many like myself had to suffer the post war ended very few have food and luckily we live in a country side where we grow our own crops and foods, we struggle but not as bad at least we have food. I fled Vietnam back in 1987 and now in the USA.

I would like to thanks the US Veterans who fought the war in Vietnam, I would say you didn’t loose, you won. You won because you gave us opportunity and open your land to the people who were able to fled the country during those years after the war. You could have won the war but what is there for you as benefit? and it does makes sense it’s their country and do as they wish, you’re just trying to help them to be better to be good, but again, what is there to benefit you? so thanks again, because of you I know how bad the Vietnam communist are and we fled to the US being accepted and now doing probably far better than if I were in Vietnam.