How to get anyone social media account post blocked or deleted? even the president.

Very simple answer: Flag the post as Spam. Although it takes more than one person to flag the post as Spam, to any hackers or script kiddies or even kids whom into the internet for a while would know to just spend a few dollars and get a bunch of bots or even human click to click on the post report as Spam and within minutes to hours that post will get flagged and blocked and typically get deleted. The user or owner of the post will obviously get notified and say it’s a mistake but it will be definitely offline for a great while and the process can be repeated disrupting anyone’s account post.

The sad thing is most of this top social media site such as facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and so on, they all have the “report this post” “report this video” “report this picture” and so on, to flag it as Spam or inappropriate, and the more people flagging it, the faster it will get taken down automatically via algo put in place in the system. To bring up the post back up again would require intervention from human typically, but could also be bot as well when the owner replied saying it was a mistake someone tried to sabotage their post.

This is just another example of how the system can be broken if you know how, just finding some loophole, doing a little bit of research, spending a little bit time googling and surely you will figure out how to do mostly anything. A real example today is when president Trump social media guru as indicated in the washington examiner indicated “Facebook blocks Trump’s social media chief: ‘Why are you silencing me?'” simple answer was his post got flagged as Spam by others perhaps bots, and therefore systematically twitter blocked the post.