Coatesville Pennsylvania 19320 especially the newly constructed homes in Oakcrest community have the worst power outage issue

I have a few friends living in this area the state of Pennsylvania, Coatesville, zip code 19320 Oakcrest community newly constructed homes. There has been a lot of complaint from how badly the Oakcrest home owner association have problem on communication with the communities there and the construction crews. On top of that power outage issue constantly happening more frequent and often, probably due to the facts that more homes are being built and power usage in use but the power grid still the same, this could continue to be worst if they do something to upgrade or increase power for the many additional new homes being built especially power usage seasons are here.

Anyhow for my specific case, it had costed me $5000+ worth of computers equipment and additional time wasted to trouble shoot and found out about it. I have a few computers sitting at my friend’s house in this Oakcrest community in Coatesville, PA. The last few power outage didn’t hurt my equipment computers, but this time it fried some of my high end servers computers value $5000+ and nothing I can do about it now, no one to sue, no one to complaint to, but just letting you know if you move into this neighborhood prepare for power outage and the lack of communication leadership from Oakcrest HOA. Forget about those noisy generator that wake up your neighbor and annoy them, but it’s good to have power back after a minute or so of power out. Forget surge protector, it does not help me in this case since power surge protector only good for glitch flickering power surge due to storm lighting and so on. When power outage occurred, to protect your computer equipment probably a good expensive UPS backup power batter for your computer, not even the automatic power generator can protect your equipment since power will go off before your generator kick on.