Do not send your ID personal data to rewardable RTV beermoney “Re: Rewardable: Delayed Payment Update”

Below email from beermoney RTV rewardable app. Notice “… please reply with a clear photo of your face while holding your drivers license which should match the name on your account … “

Do not send your ID to these beermoney site like this rewardable RTV. The reason are below.

  1. Rewardable RTV app is not a financial company like banks or real estate broker, they’re not Wells Fargo, they’re not Remax … they do not need your ID for legitimate activities like KYC (know your customers)
  2. Sending your ID pictures over email? it’s not secure and the email can have forwarding and so on to other people like hackers.
  3. Rewardable RTV app is not a known company, I wouldn’t even trust Swagbucks but Swagbucks is a bigger beermoney site company. And Swagbucks do not even ask for ID, instead they send you a postcard and you confirm your identity that way, not your ID.
  4. Lastly, if you send your ID, chances are they may keep it and it will use it for suspicious activities stealing your identity selling on the darkweb and you would not know. It is not worth $10-$20 of earning a month having your identity stolen for suspicious activities. If you need money, get a real job even working at fast food restaurant or cashier somewhere like walmart where not much experience needed, even if you’re disabled their are jobs out there for you making more than $10-$20 a month and plus you will have real life friends and be outside.

On Monday, August 19, 2019, 06:46:55 PM EDT, Payments Rewardable [email protected] wrote:
Hi, you’re receiving this email as an update to your delayed payment with Rewardable.
We apologize for the lengthy delay and know users invest significant time and energy into earning their rewards which creates genuine frustration when rewards aren’t promptly administered. Fortunately, we are in the final stages of verifying and paying a small number of remaining accounts. To verify your account, please reply with a clear photo of your face while holding your drivers license which should match the name on your account. If the name does not match, please note the reason for the discrepancy in the email.
For your security, once verified, the image will be destroyed and you will be paid along with a $0.50 bonus for the delay and inconvenience which should roughly equate to a 10% annualized interest rate on the delayed payment.
Alternatively, if your account was identified as having acted improperly or maliciously during our security review over the last few months, the information will be passed to our security partner for further action.
While earnings across the rewards space have ebbed and flowed this year, we’ve added new partners into our apps and our website and encourage you to give them another try as fall kicks into gear.
Please let us know of any questions.
Rewardable Team