Stellar lumens XLM airdrop from keybase success “1 new ENCRYPTED message from spacedrop”

Look like keybase did airdrop to legitimate users successfully. Do not bother to create multiple account, chances are you will get flagged detected and your account will sit in disqualified status for the airdrop. It’s not that hard to create multiple accounts using multiple IP from proxies to VPN to static VPS data center business IP, using voip phone # like google voice, multiple phone # multiple identity ID stolen or your friends and relatives, chances are you will get flagged and get disqualified. It’s easy to create multiple keybase account to take advantage of the airdrop, but it is also easy for keybase to detect and flag your account as disqualified, it is not hard now a day to detect scammers and cheaters. Many ways keybase can detect it since you’re connecting to keybase with the app or software program running from your computer, when you made the connection to keybase server host, they can pretty much tell who you are location and your computer and stuff like that, and if your identity don’t match with your phone # and such, you will get flagged for further verification and get disqualified for the airdrop, so don’t waste your time in creating multiple accounts all your accounts may get disqualified and you just wasted a lot of time trying to cheat with zero result. Just get one account and be happy with it, don’t lie, don’t cheat, live an honest life, it will go a long way. 🙂

Hi @, BOOOYEAH! Those are your free Lumens worth $45.17. Quick details:

• You’ll get ’em next month, too!

• It’s not too late for your slowpoke friends. Or…just invite anyone from Keybase chat. Click “New chat” and enter their phone number or email, to pull them in for December 15.

• The Stellar team wrote a great blog post: “So you just got your Keybase spacedrop. What now?” Seriously, a good question. Here is there answer:

• Be careful. Don’t give anyone your Stellar “secret key” and don’t trust any website that makes you paste it in. No one needs to know a secret to give you something.

• Spread the word! Crypto for everyone,

❤️, Spacedrop Bot
6:10 PM – Yesterday
sent 688.4065454 XLM (approximately $45.17 USD).

  • 688.4065454 XLM

100,000,000 XLM (Stellar Lumens) divided across 145,263 Keybase users.