Good news for Stellar coins (XLM) ? “IBM’s Blockchain is Live and Bank Stablecoins Are Coming “

According to an article in Medium

Look like there are some more good news for Stellar coin XLM. It appears that in the Cryptocurrencies history, the only coin that airdropped and completed the airdrop and continue to become popular and continue to get adopted by big companies such as IBM is Stellar XLM. There were many airdropped coins in the past, but after the airdrop the coins value dropped to thousands of percent such as Bitcore BTX which many people had strong support, but in the end, BTX Bitcore dropped from $32 down to pennies, not just Bitcore BTX but many other worst coins airdropped that result in being a scam and disappeared.

So whoever holding XLM Stellar coin, might want to hold on for it value to go up maybe at least $1 before thinking of selling for profit. There has been development that may have more Stellar coin XLM airdropped again soon, but the airdrop from XLM can be trusted so that you don’t need to worry much about its value going down, there are lots of support for Stellar and the reason they airdrop is to gain popularity being known throughout the cryptos communities.