Don’t bother to create new or github account to get stellar lumens XLM airdrop, only old users qualified

For the news about XLM stellar lumens coins airdrop, only old users of qualified for the free airdrop, so don’t waste your time creating new account and github account, new account created after September 9th (accouncement date) will not be qualified ever, even if you kept the account active for months after, don’t expect you will get qualified.

This airdrop is only for old existing users created before September 9th 2019, and the account must have 3 devices actively installed, and you must have a smile on your face. What a joke. It’s one way to for and maybe same as github to market their products. So what happened recently was a tons of people created account and just realized they do not qualified for the free XLM airdrop it only for users whom qualified based on the above criteria. What a good way of getting new users while only reward old existing users huh? sounds like a SCAM? probably is, a way to get more users know about along with github by making the announcement that mislead new users people going into making it popular and instantly change plan. blame the bots and people creating multiple account, as a result only reward airdrop XLM to old existing users. If a is a good business or company, then they should have ways to detect bots registrations, detect scammers, there are many ways to prevent bots accounts, so what doing? would you still still trust with their way of marketing their products? would you trust their product now after they admit clearly that their system cannot prevent bots and spam? Scam stellar lumens XLM airdrop