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Monthly Roundup
June 2019
Stellar Ecosystem Updates
“We envision a world where value can be transferred anywhere, without the friction of borders.” Our CEO Denelle Dixon outlines SDF’s plan for the future:
The network has been upgraded to Protocol 11. Learn more about what this upgrade means for Stellar.
We have released a new dashboard which (as well as exposing an overall health summary) exposes all available “stellar-core-prometheus-exporter” metrics in an easy to install Grafana dashboard. The dashboard is available for installation at
SatoshiPay is teaming up with Fair Planet to make micropayments experience seamless and eco-friendly. Learn more here. We also sat down with SatoshiPay’s CEO, Meinhard Benn, to learn how SatoshiPay is using Stellar to transform online publishing through micropayments. Watch now!
SDF New Hires
Christine To, Director of Partnerships
Christine is joining the SDF’s Partnerships team to help expand Stellar’s growth and adoption. Previous to SDF, she was at Airfox working on strategic partnerships and leading growth initiatives to increase financial access for the unbanked in Brazil.
Nikhil Saraf, Principal Software Engineer
Prior to joining SDF, Nikhil was at Interstellar where he worked on the Kelp market-making bot and Horizon, along with supporting Stellar’s Coinbase Integration. He is a full-stack engineer and has primarily focused on backend/data engineering during his career at Amazon, Salesforce, and Duetto. Nikhil once built a mobile payments app startup which developed his interest in the payments space.
Jacek Nykis, Devops Engineer
Jacek is a Linux engineer with 15+ years experience building and running business critical systems. Prior to SDF he worked at Canonical (Ubuntu) as an SRE supporting infrastructure used by tens of millions or users around the world. Nowadays he spends most of his free time with his 1 year old daughter or running with his Border Collie.
Michael Feldstein, Senior Software Engineer
Michael is a software engineer, creative coder, and new father (in no particular order). Previous to Stellar he was at Facebook working on creative VR experiences and all things 3d, and at Google on the Android UX team.
We are hiring! Apply today.
Stellar Community Articles
Stellar — What’s in your Wallet?
“What does it actually mean to “hold” your Lumens in a Stellar wallet? This post is meant to shed some light on what your wallet actually does for you and how it does it, including some ways that wallets secure your Lumens.”
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How to deploy a Stellar validator on Kubernetes with Helm
“In the following sections of this article, we are going to guide developers through the process of standing up a Stellar validator node that can join the Stellar Testnet. We will demonstrate the steps to deploy these services to Kubernetes (here: IBM Cloud and Google Cloud) using Helm as well as some basic examples to verify the system syncs successfully with the network. With the strong industry interest in tokens and Stellar, we hope these Helm charts can accelerate your deployments.”
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Stellar Dev Digest #3
Welcome to another issue of the Stellar Dev Digest, a weekly recap of all things related to the development of the Stellar Network.
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There’s a new capital making big strides in the crypto world…
Paysend Group is building on Stellar. Here’s why.
Is Kelp bot worth the hype? Hummingbot weighs in…
Stellar Developer Updates
Horizon 0.18.0 has been released.
stellar-core v11.2 is out with important updates for validators that make setting up quorums much easier. We wrote a blog explaining why quorums are so important.
Protocol 11 Compatibility for SDKs
JavaScript: and
Project Releases & Updates
The Stellar Coinbase Earn program has opened internationally. Learn more
Stellarport now lets you embed Stellar DEX charts on your website.
Bitbond is launching an STO that is the first to be approved by a regulator in Germany. Learn more
Wirex now supports Stellar Federation addresses.
Smartlands is now a member of the European Crowdfunding Network.
Paysend just launched their stablecoin using the Stellar network.
Coinhako now supports Stellar! Learn more.
Stellar Events
We’ve been planning a Stellar conference for a long time and are excited to share that Stellar Meridian is happening November 4 and 5 in Mexico City. More info here.
This month, we did an AMA on Reddit with Jed and Denelle. Thank you all for your questions! We look forward to doing this again soon.
Blue Orion has been hosting workshops on how to create your own token. We just hosted one in NYC. Thank you to Luke of Blue Orion and his team for leading these!
Silicon Valley Bank’s foreign exchange event this month was a great chance for us to connect with others in the Bay Area fintech world. Among the attendees were Wish, Lob, and Stitch Fix.
Oleg Andreev spoke at ZCon this month about ZkVM, a new virtual machine that makes smart contracts faster and prioritizes privacy. Watch now!
SDF’s Global Development Manager Kori Higgins spoke at the Futurama Summit in Montenegro this month on the future of impact.
Kori Higgins and Lisa Nestor represented the Stellar Development Foundation at the Crypto Valley Conference this week.
We were honored to support the Women Who Code Blockchain Event this week! Looking forward to future events and working more with their amazing team.
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