Is tello better than cellnuvo redpocket and others?

Since the problem with Cellnuvo, a lot of people were using Redpocket, but a lot moved to Tello.
Now that Cellnuvo is back, but we don’t know when Cellnuvo will have issue again, a lot of people are moving back and forth to Tello.

Yesterday Tello sent out a message to its users offering better plan for same price, like free upgrade. Unlimited text talk and so on and other great deal. For people just want an emergency #, you can probably get one for $7 a month, that will give you unlimited text, some talk and some data, you can use as emergency phone in your car or GPS tracking ping, cheap alternative to low jack.

Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2017 10:05 AM
Subject: Is this real? ↘️ Massive price drops for Tello plans! Logo Email not visible? Click here
Did you hear this?
Massive price drops for Tello plans,
starting today!
Craving for more?
Unlimited text for every phone plan!
Here are the best deals you can get:
text + 200 min
+ 500 MB
text & talk
+ 1 GB
text & talk
+ 2 GB
No contract Free tethering
No fees whatsoever Reconfigure anytime
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Boscoin TokenNet Launch Announcement

look like it’s moving along smoothly?

From: BOScoin
Sent: Tuesday, October 10, 2017 6:16 AM
Subject: TokenNet Launch Announcement

TokenNet Launch Announcement

TokenNet to launch on 31st of October

Over Chuseok, many tests have been conducted and although efforts to improve performance of the network has been satisfactory, our devs are insisting that we need a little more time. The plan was to launch at the end of September and we apologize for the delay, but now we have a new launch date – 31st of October. The delay is caused mainly by two things – redistribution of transaction fees and security. Below is a more detailed explanation as to why more time is needed and some of our concerns and progresses.

Redistribution of Transaction Fees
Our distributed network depends on nodes to validate transactions and each transaction requires a transaction fee. The fee is collected to a fee pool which is redistributed every week. As described in our white paper, validating nodes will receive 70% of the collected transaction fees and 30% will be sent to the Commons Budget, but since there is no Commons Budget at this stage, and since validation will be done by the development team, all of the transaction fees will be distributed to the holders of BOScoin according to their stake above the minimum balance. The reason why we need some more time is because we want to make certain that such redistribution is done without any glitches. Tests confirm that the redistribution logic is sound but there was an opinion within the team that it would be prudent to run one final additional test in real life conditions except for it being on a closed network now that everything is in place. Fees will be redistributed on a weekly basis, so running a test means observing the network for a week and see if BOScoins are finding their respective destinations properly. Such tests have already been commenced and we are planning more than a single test so it will take some time.

As posted in our previous newsletters, we have asked a couple of security firms to look into our network and Web-wallet for any holes and gaps that need to be filled. Unfortunately we have not received the final report from any firm as of today. Security is the one area where no compromise can be made and we would like to be absolutely certain our network is impregnable. Should any security concern arise, we will need some time to fix it, hence the delay.
A group of white hackers within one of the security firms tried to hack our Web-wallet and they have submitted a preliminary report but no issue regarding both the Web-wallet and the network was raised so far. We are still waiting for the final report.

We believe there won’t be any problems but thought it would be best that we go ahead with this final process just to be sure. We have three weeks until the 31st and that should be enough time to handle any issues if something goes as unexpected (God forbid!). Development aside, we are also drafting and preparing a contingency plan for the worst case scenario in case the network misbehaves, or even fails. The stability of the network is our main priority and we are doing everything within our capabilities to improve it. Once again, we apologize for the delay but we have concluded this is in the best interest for everyone so please do bear with us until the end of this month.

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3 billions yahoo email account hacked? all of it?

Let get something straight here:

  1. Account hacked are just email, meaning your email in/out box. Not your credit card, not your other personal area outside of email in/outbox. However if the hacker have your yahoo account, he/she might access those other areas but chances are not because those other areas such as personal information would require security key or additional question and answers like your secret question and answer. So bottom line, most likely your account hacked just your email, otherwise you would have known other area of your email got hacked.
  2. If you have 2FA, also known as second level of security authorization then chances are your email was not hacked, other than the hacker have your first level account password, but the hacker will not be able to login. However if you have accounts with other non yahoo services that uses same account password then the hacker can use it to tried and access your account. However again, if you have 2FA activated on other non yahoo service then you are also safe. I would say 99.99% safe everywhere if you have 2FA turned on.
  3. Bottom line. Turn on your 2FA everywhere, if 2FA is not available on services that you’re using then use another brand or services that offer 2FA. have down time?

This is the first I’ve encountered with down time. Hopefully it is a scheduled maintenance and something doesn’t happen too often.

is down?

is down?

From: “” <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 6:04 AM
Subject: Host Node Maintenance – Sep-27-2017 08:00 UTC

Dear Customer,

Regarding the following subscriptions:
(wpvultr) in Dallas

We have detected a system issue with the node hosting the instances listed above. Our engineering team applied system updates and scheduled a brief maintenance window to perform a node restart.

Date and Time:

Sep-27-2017 08:00 UTC (Sep-27-2017 03:00 Local Time)

Please note: This event will reboot your affected instances. Your data and configurations will not be affected by the reboot. Support

How to speed up your Chrome Web browser and prevent crashing?

How to speed up your Chrome Web browser and prevent crashing?

Short answer: Install Adblocker, such as

My computer Chrome web browser has been crashing for months now every time when there’s heavy advertisement ads pop up whether pop up ads or just on the side like yahoo email news, google text adsense and so on, it caused my chrome browser to become unstable and crashed, frozen and sometime even crashed my computer like the blue screen of death.

I knew the Adblock existed for a long time now, but never really got a chance to use it, since I don’t think I really needed and sometime it might prevent certain program on chrome to run, in additional to it block some of the good advertisement that I might need. Well I got tired of seeing ads that frozen my chrome browser and tried Adblock got it installed finally and appears to be working well. I don’t see email showing ads anymore and yahoo mail load really fast now, at least that fixed the biggest problem I have.

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September 27th 2017 will be the last day for you to back your AT&T locker files

A few months ago AT&T announced that they will close down, shut down, at&t locker which store your files photos music etc. They have extended the time frame where you can backup, so download your files now.

Good news! We’ve extended the deadline to download your AT&T Locker™ content to 9/27/2017.

After that, all photos, videos, contacts, music, and documents stored in your Locker will be permanently deleted.

Don’t delay — be sure to download any content you want to save from your AT&T Locker™ today. Have lots of files in your Locker? Use the Locker desktop application on your computer or laptop to download them. You can get the desktop app at

To learn more about downloading your content, go to

Thanks for choosing us,


Download with your computer or laptop today.

Alternative to CELLNUVO been down for three weeks is TELLO?

CELLNUVO been down for over three weeks now, some people was able to reactivate but finding out it’s Redpocket cellular service, some were able to make phone call out in and texting, many are not. Many were not even able to reactivate. Some that got activate with Redpocket noticed their # changes to area code 331 which is Chicago. Many sent email to cellnuvo customer service only got generic respond.

So what’s the alternative? TELLO. Currently there isn’t any special discount other than the 15% off. So basically you can get $5 for 200 minutes and 200 text or so. Discount 15% + tax and fees come out to be $6 a month which is not bad. Luckily I use TELLNUVO not as permanent # but rather alternative or additional to my main line, so I didn’t get as much frustrated as other users. Many Cellnuvo customers use as their main line some even business line and now have to suffer.

Cellnuno service active again but most everyone got new phone number issued

Cellnuno service active again but most everyone got new phone number issued

Cellnuno service active again but most everyone got new phone number issued.
Here’s the latest update: “We will be addressing specific phone
numbers and account details very soon.” Soon is a big word, we don’t know if soon is today, tomorrow or next week months or when pigs grow wings and fly away? Well the owner or staff of CellNuvo has been very responsive.
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What will happen to Bitcoin Cash BCC BCH?

I have some Bitcoin (BTC) and right after the Bitcoin Split or Forked indeed I have the same amount quantity of Bitcoin Cash as Bitcoin. So basically if I have 2BTC, now I have 2Bitcoin Cash as well. Currently there are two ticker for Bitcoin Cash, some exchange use BCC as Bitcoin Cash but some use BCH as Bitcoin Cash depend on where you want to exchange your Bitcoin Cash.

I have a ledger HW not a ledger nano S by the way. Basically an old ledger Bitcoin wallet, the one with the ID card with a bunch of code on it. The steps pretty straight forward refer to Ledger website support, they have great support. Basically I didn’t cash my Bitcoin Cash, I split it into two separate wallet. Luckily for free, since I bought the Ledger HW Duo or Dual, basically it came with two hardware key and now I’m using it as two separate wallet, one Bitcoin (BTC) and the other Bitcoin Cash (BCC BCH). Now I feel confident to move Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash anytime without worrying about loosing it.

So the question is, what will happen to Bitcoin Cash? to be honest, I don’t know the answer but most likely it will be similar to Ethereum Classic. The price start high as we’ve already seen with Bitcoin Cash as much as close to $700 then dropped to $200 as people start dumping it, then it got stable at $200-$300, but chances are it might go down further as more exchange allow users to withdraw their Bitcoin Cash and most likely those users will sell dump it to Bitcoin BTC and the price of Bitcoin Cash will continue to fall. Poloniex said they will allow their users to withdraw on August 14th 2017, Coinbase said January of 2018, and many other exchange are doing similar things which most likely will push Bitcoin cash continue to fall.

However I’m hoping that the community realize the reason for the split and which fork will most likely can support Bitcoin growth. “A group of miners ‘forked’ from the main bitcoin blockchain by switching to a new version of software with greater transaction capacity.” Bitcoin Cash is the new version of the Bitcoin software, it supposed to fix some issue Bitcoin have, so I wonder why people don’t look at the potential of Bitcoin Cash? If the community already voted to move Bitcoin Cash, why Bitcoin still going up? shouldn’t Bitcoin Cash be the one going up?
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WannaCry ransomware increased the price of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin surged lately had something to do with the “WannaCry ransomware“? I think yes.

My personal opinion is yes it does, because the ransomware required payment of Bitcoin and in order to get Bitcoin people would have to buy it from real currencies whether it’s USD or EURO. When people buy Bitcoin, the price of Bitcoin will increase. However it doesn’t appear to increase that much though which is pretty interesting, wondering if that ransomware really did any damage as the new news media indicated.

Or perhaps the ransomware occurred many days back even a week started and during that time where coinbase and other similar exchanges had an unexpected new users would like to buy bitcoin in order to unencrypt their computer.

The ransomware basically locked up the user’s computer hard drive making it impossible to access unless ransome is paid from $10 to average $300 and the price increased each day if ransom is not paid. This pertain to each individual computer, so if we’re talking about one thousand, that’s $300,000 easy money for the hacker or hackers.

On a side note, it’s pretty simple to protect yourself from ransomware, don’t use windows, well it can be a joke but most people are on windows so to protect yourself just buy $40 a year subscription to malwarebytes or webroot, they’re the cheapest and light weight.

wannacry ransomware increased the price of bitcoin

wannacry ransomware increased the price of bitcoin