Another IEO ICO coin from “New Yobit IEO (ICO) in 21 hrs!”

Careful folks, although is not a scam exchange, they are however running a platform that have a lot of new IEO ICO coins only exist on their own platform, meaning you cannot withdraw it to external wallet. Most of the new IEO ICO coins from mimic the real coins on the public blockchain but only exist on their own platform. Some people know about this but still going for it and loose, however there are people that also win, it’s like bidding on a card game at the casino and hope that it will go up and you sell and never get back in, just wait for the next IEO ICO on Some win, many looser though, so be careful, know what you’re getting into. However this is much better than those individual scam platform like arb token, today known as apx apex token, and many other similar platform kept on popping up that scammed many people and ran away in hiding and nothing anyone can do about it.

On Wednesday, November 20, 2019, 11:07:02 AM EST, Yobit Mailer <[email protected]> wrote:
YoBit IEO (ICO) in 21 hrs!

Dear YoBit Users!

New Yobit IEO (ICO) in 21 hrs!


ICO coins: 217,000,000
ICO price: 0.00000100 (100 sat)
ICO amount: 217 BTC

ICO rules:

– 100% Buy wall (ico price)
– Standart Buy limit: 0.5 btc
– Vip Buy limit: 4 btc
– To Get Vip Limit you need either
– have 10 Yo Tokens at balance, or
– do not have any Yo sells orders in 10 days
– InvestBox: dynamical percent (1+Yo/20)

Sincerely yours,
Team of Yobit.Net
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