ARB token apx apex token now Mcafee Magic scam?

Is John Mcafee desperate for making money and will do anything related to Cryptos without knowing the facts about certain team that work on Cryptos projects scam? ARB token APX Apex is a scam, didn’t Mcafee see this? or was Mcafee too deep in believing ARB token APX Apex token team can help him setup a trading platform without KYC (know your customer)? Now I know Mcafee appears to be running and hiding from the Federal government for whatever reason, he claimed to be tax related, but I don’t know personal although I’ve read many of his twitters and documentary about him.

I don’t doubt Mcafee was a smart man, but now a day he seems to be a bit odd. Maybe age got to Mcafee if not then must be the liquor hard alcohol, he should have stick with red wine instead, since hard liquor can have an effect on you as far as I know, while red wine consumption in acceptable quantity have great health benefit. Anyhow Mcafee, I respect the man who he was, but as days weeks months years goes by Mcafee doesn’t appear to be the man most of us used to know. Especially Mcafee now working with known scam ARB token team.

So was setup by arb token scam team now known as Apex APX token. Many people know this ARB token team is scam, so how does Mcafee not know ARB APEX APX is a scam? did ARB scam team trick Mcafee in using his name the mcafeemagic website? like how ARB token was able to trick the Las Vegas token tank winner? and trick all the investors in ARB platform lure them to get in and cannot get out? and eventually rebranded it to Apex APX token the new token scam to erase the ARB token scam track? The owner whom appears on many videos claimed to be David Peterson or was it this title “Arb Ceo Jeremy Rounsville Finally Convicted Of Arbitrage Crypto Securities Fraud?” we do not really know, and if people really care and loss a lot of money on this ARB platform should already contacted the local authority or FBI or official whom can look into this case get the real scammer prosecuted. A lot of people loss money on this ARB token now apex apx token platform and still being run by a team of anonymous people since we don’t know them and they could do the same thing, passing down the ceo position and run away hide forever living a luxury lifestyle somewhere hidden in Thailand somewhere.

There are many other newer platform that uses this same method of ponzi scams including EVOAI, MOONBERG and a bunch of newer popping up scamming investors, although some investor won by get in and get out fast, but that does not work sometime because the platform never launched. In the end the winner is always the scammer platform team, and sooner or later they will get caught on something else and tied back to the old case like this arb token apex apx scam.

Apex apx token erc-20 I guess hoping to erase ARB token scam track but I think many investors now voiced their concerns and let people know to watch out for anything related to arb token apex apx token mcafeemagic and so on. What happen to ARB credit card? who submit their information for a cryptos credit card? well say bye bye to your personal data, it’s been stolen to setup new scam platform operating under your stolen identity.

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  1. What’s up everybody it is krypton my. Soul back again with another youtube. Video and this time going back to. Arbitrage in apex and you know i can’t. Do a whole arbitrage in video we’re just. On its own so i’m gonna include moonbird. With it so here we go so arbitrage being. This just in from today let me pull this. Up anytime things come up on desktop. Look look over who said hi to me right. Here real quick i’ll just like down let. Me see here. Alright pull this up here look at check. That out bam. Oh that was just said hi to me alright. Uh yeah this just in there is uh so. Looking at the announcements here three. Days in a row man these guys are on fire. Apex and the new team that’s in place. But the thomas brown era check it out. Greetings a usd to apex conversions are. Currently under maintenance the team is. Performing many back and updates. Preparing for new systems conversions. Will be disabled until further notice. Thanks team apex so you could look at it. As one or two things one if you can’t do. Anything till further notice. They can easily just end it now and it’s. All over with or if you were more of an. Optimist then as part of this whole you. Know update that they’re doing here and. They’re actually are moving forward with. And all that stuff so you know they’re. Trying to fix the prepare it for the new. System you know they had the knowledge. Base and support system taking care of a. New ui that’s going to be implemented. New design all-time high and trading of. Dashboard dollars look at that twenty. Two point five million dashboard dollars. It’s insane. Do you feel the excitement that they’re. Bringing on here i mean this is crazy. Right now. It’s madness but yeah that’s the latest. On apex here anybody have that foam owen. Yet anybody enticed on coming back that. Left a lot of questions to be asked. Janet johnston comments on my last video. Of arbitrage and talking about apex. Phones hey apex phones what if those are. In the plans isn’t that crazy if it did. Then janet johnson called it right there. So let me see here hope i thought i was. Logged in but i was just going to show. You my current back in you know it’s the. Same thing nothing’s changed i have you. Know uh near forty five thousand eight. Usd formerly an a bot and i had a twelve. Hundred what used to be are now apex. Tokens just sitting there on the. Internal wallet their desktop wallet i. Guess you say not this not wallet. Platform wall there you go so that. That what else is next for arbitrage. Inge her apex i mean it’s you know. They’ve launched two more exchanges on. Top of la token this one’s going away if. It hasn’t already done so i mean i don’t. Know crazier things have happened so if. There’s any way i could get and convert. Money you know out of the apex and a usd. That i have then that would be a win. Right there you know but i’ve already. Done pretty well with arbitrage in the. First place during the block x you know. The whole block exchange when i made 21e. Yeah there was like 20 plus he i believe. It i did like 21 you know this just. Selling arbs on the block exchange that. Was the best thing that ever happened. For me because as people were. Complaining of mayan about it i made out. On that one but they bring that back i. Wouldn’t mind doing again only one can. Wish right but yeah so that’s that with. Arbitrage inc so moon burg there. Currently if you’ve been following or i. Follow their telegram. Nothing really going on nothing really. Going on right now as they have been. Trying to convert their whole moon bot. You know over to the finance you know i. Guess the finance moon bot and so that. Is what’s going on it’s been they said. They needed one two three days right. Here right first one or three days of. Tests you won’t receive any profits from. The internal moon boss because the by. Nasa box-shadow testings so people are. Saying this has already been day four so. And yet it’s still no launch or anything. Yet and they try to release some. Statistics here they said it’s working. Well there was a huge pump and also a. Huge dump with no contrary displays. Right now and any – whatever that means. And they said support the – team by as. They gain work done three to four days. Of grinding so i went from one to three. Days now they’re saying three to four. Days because and now they’re already. Behind as in a lot of things right now. They’re saying this is what is pumped. Out but it’s just numbers on a page. Still no proof in an actual bot i don’t. Care what they say you could say these. Things but there’s no proof of a bot you. Know everybody was harping on or. Trotting and where’s there a bob where’s. There a ba how about mumbai where’s. There where’s there mumbai. Where’s there mumbai i’ll say the same. Thing you still haven’t shown their. Moonbots they’re not transparent they. Say a lot of things but they don’t. Follow through with it. You know like still yet no one’s answer. The question where are the moon phones. They did say that oh the first ones a. Poster will arrive soon whatever and. Then they say they don’t control the. Whole logistics of shipping of the. Phones and all that and oh no it’s just. It’s a mess and they still haven’t. Really answered the question if the. Phones are actually coming or not. Because if the first one is being. Shipped out how long does it take to get. It you know if you’re a legitimate. Business which they say they are. Moonbird right then why aren’t these. Phones coming in you know as they’re. Supposed to be you know why are. Youtubers being held hostage on pumping. Out positive videos in order to maintain. A but you know they’re moonbots you know. And there are all right you know there’s. Actually people asking were their words. They’re moonbots at just people in. General you know because i guess they’re. Being converted over the finance bots. Personal bots whatever but people have. To go through support which is on disk. Or because now they don’t see any of. That as well so now people got to worry. About disappearing moon coin / moonbots. Or by nance bots however you want to. Call it you know wherever they’re trying. To go to now they’re still doing their. Whole bulk exchange no matter what they. Say it’s just a worker of admin a dev. Whoever sweeping around they said that. They’re just keep your orders up and. They’ll go around and your orders will. Be filled right so that means that that. A boss not doing that you know that. There is someone out there just going. Out there with the mouse moving around. Click click click click click click and. Clicking buy orders and you know why are. They telling people to set their buy. Orders to this price in order for it to. Be sold they’re trying to control the. Price you know unless it’s outrageously. Cheap and people see that and buy it up. They’re trying to tell people to set it. At this price to sell in order for them. To fulfill it so they’re trying to. Control the pricing in a weird way but. Yeah and then i talked about the other. Day. Then you got people that’s bringing in. And referrals such as clover but yet. You’re gonna turn your back on you know. A person no i mean you know he’s a big. Time youtuber right you know he has. Thousands of subscribers you know he has. A lot of influence in the space but yet. You’re gonna turn your back on someone. That’s brought in you know the philip. You know the philippine country the. Community and you know if you want to. Call it that and on to moon berg’s and. Then you’re gonna say no i’m not gonna. Honor it. I mean how bad is that but uh there’s. Lots of things that still needs to be. Addressed here and you know they keep. Saying these things you know and now. How’s the moon signals doing i mean it’s. Pretty steep 700 moon coins to get a. Moon signal that’s pretty steep but yeah. It’s safe. 1 2 3 days but if it’s already day 4. I don’t know so yeah that’s the latest. On your apex and moon burg apex has. Stopped a usd and apex conversions moon. Burg is still trying to test their. Finance bots so there’s been no profit. For the last three days and people say. Four so let’s just say forties so where. Can we go now you know where can we go. Where you could really make some money. Right how about let’s see here how about. Cash forex group i’ve talked about it. Many times lots of youtubers have talked. About it many times this is an. Opportunity a huge tremendous. Opportunity i mean the way you look at. It you know this is still pretty low. November 8th is the official launch so. If you haven’t gotten yourself you know. A spot in the matrix yet for spillover. And all that get yourself in right now. This is the hottest thing that’s. Happening minimum is 3 hunter and it. Goes as high as a hunter and there’s. Youtubers such as oracle have put in. $100,000 you have a king of fomo that it. Went from 30 and just upgraded to 50,000. Now on this thing so they’re putting. Some big-time money in this thing so. Check out links down below comment if. You have something you want to comment. About hit the like button and subscribe. To my channel and i will see you next. One.

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