Bitcoin halving is 15 days away what will happen to the price?

Well there are mix opinions on this. Some think nothing will happen, some think the price will go up and then some think the price will do down. Just to summarize this event so call “bitcoin halving” meaning the block mined reduced from 25 to maybe 11 Bitcoin reward, so it will take more effort power to mine the block and the reward is only 11 Bitcoin, decreased from 25.

I think the price will remain the same, it will behave and react as it does today trending with the stock market pretty much because this has been the case for many consecutive months now, stock up bitcoin up, stock down, bitcoin down.

Why some people think nothing will happen? according to an article written by cointelegraph “

Two Weeks and Counting: Experts Warn Bitcoin Halving May Be a Nonevent
Due to the uncertainty surrounding the global financial sector at the moment, experts are still not sure of the impact that the upcoming halving will have on Bitcoin’s value.

Some people think it will go up after halving? One of the article also from cointelegraph said that “Bitcoin tends to drop before and after a block-reward halving in the short term. … “Following the Bitcoin halving, miners’ estimated breakeven costs will rise from ~$7,000 today to ~$12,000–15,000 per BTC after.Mar 4, 2020”