How to backup and restore your Bitcore BTX QT upgrade wallet

First of all, do not worry about about getting hack or loss your funds of BTX Bitcore if you encrypted your wallet and back it up offline like on CD Rom multiple one, USB drive I do not trust it so much because it does not have long shelf life. I do not recall QT have seeds words directly, but you can do it indirectly though which is a bit complicated.

So once again you should always have a copy of your wallet.dat file for your Bitcore QT wallet and ensure it is encrypted and above all remember your password when you encrypted it. Pick a password any password that you always remember or know even your name or birthday whatever, it is better than having some long password that you will not remember easily, however this is for the QT Wallet only not your other online password method you better pick something not easy to guess for that case. For QT wallet if you do not disclose who you are the owner of the wallet chances are even if hacker have your wallet.dat file they will not be able to guess it easily, it’s better to have a password then no password at all encrypted that wallet.dat file.

Make sure you always have your wallet.dat file saved offline somewhere, I recommend CD-ROM. For Bitcore BTX, the latest wallet odarhom, you can download and install, let it download all the transactions, then once done, you can close it then go to your %appdata% folder in windows (windows 10 does not work for this at the moment, so any previous windows will do) you will find the wallet.dat file, just replace that file or delete it and replace it, then open your Bitcore BTX wallet again it will detect your new wallet and voila your Bitcore BTX coin is restored. Make sure your wallet.dat is encrypted, always encrypt it with a password, any password will do, it’s better to have one then not and do not ever go to debug console and type in command you got from someone or some website, only do so if you know exactly what it does.

Lastly, sadly Bitcore BTX developer been working hard and always update its users unfortunately it does not gain much popularity in term of being in the top 100 coins, not even top 500, but a lot of people still have faith and following its development. There is really only one exchange for it, hitbtc, and the other one crex24 which does not support usa base users.

I have a Bitcore QT wallet backed up 2 years ago April 2018, what’s the best way to restore my Bitcore to the new Odarhom wallet? do I just download Odarhom and restore it? Thank you. Happy birthday!

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Hello. You are correct. Thanks ! : )

Does the the latest Odarhom Bitcore BTX wallet encrypt the wallet.dat file? Thank you

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Not by default.

check for a read up