New Bitcore BTX QT wallet odarhom Connecting to peers …. problem issue?

Easy fix if you have Windows 7 64 bit, just right click and run this wallet as Administrator.

First of all, Bitcore BTX is not the same as Bitcoin Core, these two are different. BTX is Bitcore, and Bitcoin Core is Bitcoin

I believe this is a known thing, not really an issue or problem, but the way the app software was created all QT related wallet probably not a windows approved application to be run without Administrative right would required to be manually select and run as Administrator. For my case all I had to do was right click on the qt wallet .exe file Odarhom then run as Administrator and voila it started to download syncing the 3 years transaction, it is running now, not sure how long to download it, well it’s still better than downloading the entire Bitcoin QT wallet, since Bitcore BTX is much smaller.

My intention is to check out their MasterNode program.

I installed Odarhom wallet on my win 7 pro computer, opened it but it’s been sitting “Conneting to peers ….” wallet didn’t download or update syncing for 2 days now any idea on how I can fix?

Support joined the chat

Hello. It sounds like a firewall issue and or admin rights are needed. Add it to the exclusion list if it is your firewall/virus scanner