Bitcoin investment interest account platform got hacked on May 14th 2020?

Based on this email below. It is good that notified its users of the activities. The key information you should pay attention to are: Account Information in your BlockFi account that was accessed during the incident is data we typically use for marketing purposes: Name, Email Address, Date of Birth, Postal Address, Activity History Account Information in your BlockFi account that was NOT accessed: Social Security Number, Tax Identification Numbers, Passports, Licenses, Passwords, Read more [...]

Just a quick update on the earning with with $967 USDC investment at 8.6% APY

It's been two days since I deposit the $967 USDC and today when I checked my account and I'm seeing 44 cent interest. ACCRUED INTEREST$0.44 So apparently it is earning interest within platform, and it is indeed 8.6% APY. I will try to withdraw in the next month or so to see how much withdrawal fees will be if I can even can withdraw the interest at all. Also the $100 in BTC bonus, let see if I will get that as well in a couple of months. Read more [...]

Testing interest account with USDC $960 taking advantage of $100 in BTC

So I'm getting this email below from indicating I qualified for $100 in BTC for new account deposit. I tried to read it carefully and I didn't see anything that said I would not be qualified such as if this is limit to the first 500 new customers. So I think I qualified for the $100 in BTC bonus. The deposit I will be making is for $967.37 in USDC coin from my Bittrex account to Blockfi. I attempted to get GUSD but that didn't work from Bittrex to HitBTC then BitBTC to GUSD, something Read more [...] “Mobile App From BlockFi Now Live!” There are no fees?

Alright folks notice the phrase "There are no fees ..." There are fees when you withdraw so be careful of the fine prints, although there are no fees to invest and earn up to 8.6%, but beware that the withdrawal fees is not cheap with if you're not sure then contact blockfi directly and ask them if you invest $1000 in a coin and within a month you earned $8 interest (assuming 8.6% yield), if you want to withdraw that $8 then how much is the withdrawal fees total? you will be surprise Read more [...]

POS (proof of stake) XTZ Tezos coin automatic on Coinbase

I think coinbase is an awesome exchange, haven't heard any hacking attempt that went through and they loss coins, but I guess knock on wood. I got some XTZ Tezos coin on coinbase that I did some video watching and it's been earning interest automatically through Tezos proof of stake (POS) in which Ethereum will soon be doing. Doing your own POS would require a computer set up to run certain program and it need to be stable, so most people do POS from rented VPS which cost average $5 a month. Otherwise Read more [...]

HitBTC “Stay up to date with the latest events via HitBTC’s new digest” support BTX Bitcore

This trading platform HitBTC support Bitcore BTX exchange, just in case you're into Bitcore BTX. Bitcore BTX have active developer support but somehow it couldn't move up much, probably need some marketing people. There are coins out there that have no background of their developers are but were able to push themselves up to the top 100s list on coins tracking website like On Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 07:41:01 PM EDT, HitBTC Team <[email protected]> wrote: HitBTCDear Trader, We Read more [...] yet another pump and dump? “YoBit Pump in 16 hrs!”

Yes at it again, no they're not scam, just know that the coins they pump and dump only exist on their platform. Watch out! the get in and get out fast does not seems to work anymore, so be careful you might loose and win but probably loose more than win, think of it like casino, you lucky if you win some from others loosing, the winner is the platform themselves. On Tuesday, May 5, 2020, 06:44:59 PM EDT, Yobit Mailer <[email protected]> wrote: yobit.netYoPony & Weekly YoPump Read more [...]

Web hosting with godaddy probably a bad idea ever!

Godaddy is famous its domain name registration, but web hosting? probably not a good idea, don't fall for the low price. Ever since the day godaddy decided to expand its business from domain name registration to webhosting was a bad idea, they're not expert although they hire someone with expertise on web server still didn't go well apparently and this is not the first time. Godaddy should have stick with just domain registrar, although they may have make a little more money but now they're spending Read more [...]

How to install Bitcore BTX Multiple Masternodes?

For Bitcore BTX the process appears to be simple, not that hard. After you've successfully set up your first Bitcore BTX Masternode using the direction from the developer in Bitcore Telegram official channel, adding addition Masternodes not that difficult, at least not really for me. Based on this procedure Under Wallet Setup Repeat step 4 to 9. Make sure to use different name or IP ... On step 8 make sure to add additional Read more [...]