Getting my blockcard through KYC process

Alright so I have been trying to get my Blockcard credit debit card (visa/master) and trying to understand how it work.

I must say, it does not look like very promising because due to all the negative reviews I have read, although some positive reviews but seems to be for marketing purpose or affiliate or the staff or promoter themselves. I do not really know until I get the card and use it, so will see.

Let first review how it got me to the BlockCard website to I was useing Brave browser then some ads popup and I clicked and it brought me to and I saw WOW!!! free $10, and I fall for it and did some more digging and at first without any much research just based on google search and looks good so I signed up with just email that’s about it, and I say WOW!!! cool no personal information needed so I just deposit my $100 and get the BlockCard? ERRRRRRRR wrong!

After some research knowing a few things about they’re legit can be trusted, I went ahead and deposit $100 worth of Bitcoin and it was fast in to pretty fast, then I realized it got converted to Ternio token coin immediately and I noticed I do not have $100 balance, it said I only have $97, what the hec? I deposit $100 and within seconds it’s $97 and I do not qualified to get the $10 bonus, so therefore I deposit another $50 worth of Bitcoin to get at least $100 balance to get the $10 bonus to get the BlockCard mailed free.

So I deposit another $50 worth of Bitcoin and it now said I have $147, pretty close to $150 so I’m happy, but for long. Within minutes later, the balance became $147 then $127 and stayed there, I’m all what the hec? OK I just ignore it because maybe it just bad luck that when I deposit the Ternio token coin was up then it crashed or something … anyhow I checked to see if I received the $10 bonus yet? and nope not yet, but at least it said I will receive $10 tomorrow.

So tomorrow came, and I checked and indeed I got $10 bonus, but then I checked the balance now said I have $117 total, what the hec is going on here, I should have $160 but ok maybe just bad luck again the token ternio coin price fluctuated… ok so off to request the BlockCard visa debit card hopefully no social security # ID stuff ERRR wrong again!!!!!

I clicked on requesting the credit debit card Visa and it pop up asking me for all my personal information including Social Security # (SSN#), hmmm, so much for light KYC. So before I send I submit these personal information I thought I might want to dig up further about BlockCard and the issuing bank. So as far as I know, Blockcard does not have a physical office address nor does a virtual office, and the issuing bank is “Which bank issues the BlockCard? Metropolitan Commercial Bank™, located in New York, issues the BlockCard™ Prepaid Visa Card. However, cardholder card accounts are managed by BlockCard™ and individual cardholders do not have a personal bank account with Metropolitan Commercial Bank.”

Alright so I guess it’s legit and the is SSL so there go my social security # and personal information submitted, hope to get my Blockcard mailed, nope errrrrr wrong again. It said to check my email for further documents needed.

So I checked my email and indeed I received an email from support saying manual verification needed. So the email included a link that say “Start ID” and so I clicked on “Start ID” and it took me some strange domain “” well looks legit and it is ssl encrypted and linked to “” which is a ID verification website so OK let me take photos of my ID back and front and submit, ERRR Wrong again!!! it didn’t go through the first time, second time, third time and they don’t allow me to use the “Start ID” anymore error I got was “Upload was unsuccessful.”

So I contacted support, 1 day later they responded and gave me a new “Start ID” well that didn’t work either same message I even use iphone 11 camera and scanned photo on my scanner still no go, not sure what’s going on, maybe my identity has been compromised, who knows. So 3 days later they have decided for me to send them my personal ID via email attachment, what the hec I did that anyways I guess they can be trusted, it was Wesley and Kata that I interact with, very nice and responsive folks, good staff so far, but I don’t know about the process though.

4 days later I got email support said my KYC is approved and wait for 7-14 days to receive my debit card visa. I checked in dashboard and indeed I saw a virtual card debit visa card expires 2022 in 2 years. But guess what? I look at my balance now said I have $97, what the hec, I deposit $150 a week ago, now I only $97 wow! oh well.

I was curious on the price of Ternio because of the fluctuation, so I email support. Why the price on exchanges like bitmax stellarport stellarterm appears to be not syncing with the price on my dashboard balance account, and they confirmed to me that price in my dashboard account balance reflect to their internal platform not outside like stellarport bitmax … alright that clear it up.

So all I can do now is wait for the card to arrive and see if I can use it. My intention is to test deposit $50 worth of Bitcoin then when it show up I will immediately make a purchase of $50 see if it work and what kind of fluctuation will it have.

So far a lot of negatives about this blockcard, although some positive also, but more negative than positive, hopefully for me will better.