Blockcard Credit card better than giftcards?

Look like there’s a service or business that offer a crypto visa master credit card the Blockcard ( that let you deposit crypto and spend fiat like USD with it.

I was using Brave browser and a popup took me to this site seems legit. I did some research on google and youtube, based on people whom had this card did a review and seems to be legit. So I took advantage of this ad with a $10 bonus to apply for the card.

The registration process was simple, just name address and phone #. Then I deposit $100 worth of Crypto then got a message of I qualified for a $10 bonus and I will be getting it within 24 hours. I will be using this $10 bobus to get the physical blockcard. So I will put a reminder for tomorrow same time should be 24hrs, then I should have $10 bonus, I will use this $10 bonus to get my physical Blockcard visa/master card.

I did some more digging around about this Blockcard about KYC, I’m not sure what “pass KYC” mean, what that really mean? Do I need to submit my ID card passport etc. ? so far not yet, will see. So I’m given my real identity in term of name, address and phone #, that’s about it to get the Blockcard. So stay tuned.