Goldman Sachs’ Consumer and Investment Strategy Group severely underestimated Bitcoin’s value for global payments and savings

Surprising? nope, Goldman Sachs and many major big financial business trying to get rid of bitcoin because they're scare of Bitcoin will kill their business, why do that? because they want the profit to themselves not for the people. On Tuesday, June 2, 2020, 10:33:08 AM EDT, Kraken <[email protected]> wrote: KrakenHi , Goldman Sachs’ Consumer and Investment Strategy Group gave a presentation last week that, in our opinion, severely underestimated Bitcoin’s value for global Read more [...]

My first report of earning “BlockFi Statement | You just earned $3.71 worth of crypto”

So look like blockfi is working well, consistent earning and well communicated. Just waiting for a complete month before I tried to withdraw and see the actual fees. Stay tuned. On Monday, June 1, 2020, 12:53:45 PM EDT, BlockFi Support <[email protected]> wrote:Hi ,In the month ending May 31, 2020, you earned $3.71* worth of crypto with BlockFi. Please review your statement below. Log into your Dashboard to see your current balance and more. Thank you for choosing BlockFi, and feel free Read more [...]

Latest Kraken update “Orchid (OXT) Trading and Ethereum USDT Funding Start June 2”

Didn't Kraken took the liberty to distribute MtGox bitcoins back to its owner that loss a bunch of Bitcoin that got hacked? back on when Bitcoin was $600 to $700? "n 19 June 2011, a security breach of the Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange caused the nominal price of a bitcoin to fraudulently drop to one cent on the Mt. Gox exchange, after a hacker allegedly used credentials from a Mt. … Gox still had control of the coins, the move of 424,242 bitcoins from "cold storage" to a Mt." " Who stole Mt Read more [...]

Free Tezos XTZ coins from coinbase and staking rewards consistently coming

I got some free coinbase XTZ Tezos for doing some survey and now the rewards staking coming in consistently, although not much at all, but it is consistent and happening for doing basically nothing, close to 5% APY. On Sunday, May 31, 2020, 06:24:02 PM EDT, Coinbase <[email protected]> wrote: You’ve earned 0.012451 XTZ See your rewards Great news — since May 6, 2020 you’ve earned 0.012451 XTZ in staking rewards by holding XTZ on Coinbase. In total, you’ve earned 0.013777 XTZ. You'll Read more [...]

Blockcard Credit card better than giftcards?

Look like there's a service or business that offer a crypto visa master credit card the Blockcard ( that let you deposit crypto and spend fiat like USD with it. I was using Brave browser and a popup took me to this site seems legit. I did some research on google and youtube, based on people whom had this card did a review and seems to be legit. So I took advantage of this ad with a $10 bonus to apply for the card. The registration process was simple, just Read more [...]

Owning a website and would like to know “What is Request, Impression, Fill rate, CTR and eCPM?”

According to this article on "" very helpful I used to have a google adsense account which make some money daily for a good legitimate original contents website that have organic traffic. RequestAn ad request is counted whenever your site requests ads to be displayed. It is the number of ad units that requested ads. We report an ad request each time a request was sent, even if no ads were returned Read more [...]

Electroneum ETN latest news update “Access the full 16-page Cointelligence report on Electroneum”

One thing to keep in mind is that most if not everyone know and agreed that Mobile Phone mining farming of Electroneum ETN no longer profitable or if it was ever profitable and so is desktop computer mining, it was never meant to get you profit, it was a marketing strategies like airdrop to get people to know the existent of altcoin ETN Electroneum, some even said this coin is centralized meaning the developer or owner have control of what they want to do with it, they can pull the plug on certain Read more [...]

KYC data leaked now hackers scammers gangster mafia know you have Bitcoin be ready for a physical attack?

According to link here It contained a comprehensive log archive of people whom own Bitcoins or any business or ATM machine that Bitcoin were physically attacked. Is this something you should worries? Well the short answer is yes, because your information is exposed. In this case if your name email and possibly no doubt your address and phone # also exposed, now the hackers scammers gangster mafia know you have some transactions Read more [...] email confirmation “Get Ready for Your $100 BTC Bonus”

Well, today I've received an email from indicated that I qualified for the $100 bonus, however this is just an email confirmation, as the $100 is not in my account yet. It indicated below that it will be on July 30th 2020 ... will see, stay tune. On Tuesday, May 26, 2020, 05:08:01 PM EDT, BlockFi <[email protected]> wrote:BlockFi_Logo_Watermark_White-01promoemailThank you for funding your BlockFi Interest Account (BIA). We wanted to let you know that you’re eligible to receive Read more [...]

Scammers frequently play on their victim’s emotions. This is how even those most intelligent and vigilant can fall victim to fraud

This is so true, "Did you know scammers frequently play on their victim’s emotions? This is how even those most intelligent and vigilant can fall victim to fraud." there was an email from WesternUnion below, the above statement is very true, no matter how smart you, how careful you care, who you are, it does not matter, hackers and scammers does not necessary using their computer knowledge hacking methods but rather also emotional social hacking skills so be careful. These scammers and hackers Read more [...]