Earnhoney.com hasn’t been paying since September 2018

I just want to share this news based on a few online friends I have that are using Earnhoney.com to watch videos and get points (OPTIN) and cash it to get gift card such as amazon and visa master card. However lately there hasn’t been support or people getting paid, both VIP and standard redemption.

It appears that right after the news about OPTIN coins changed its mind about the ICOs https://www.optincoin.org/ as indicated below. Payments has been delayed, a few users complained about it and might have gotten paid, but it could be actors and actresses saying they got paid.Bottom line is earnhoney.com appears to have some kind of payout issue that need attention. The earnhoney reddit page appears to have update by user official earnhoney staff updating that sub reddit frequently with not so helpful information, it’s how you can earn but those doesn’t mean anything, people have mix report on their earnings.

Based on what I heard and feedback from others, earnhoney.com should have some kind of communication to the publisher whom are the people that get them revenue making them money, at least some kind of news reason for the delay or no payout. At least some communication, something is better than nothing.

To: OPTIN supporters,
We are very sorry that we will have to re-schedule the ICO. Due to recent information from the SEC, ERC-20 tokens are almost definitely security tokens, with no such thing as a “utility token”. Instead of trying to squeeze by, and put the business at-risk, we are going to change our offering to a security token, where buyers can receive actual equity ownership in the DoGood Media companies, similar to stocks traded on the OTC exchanges.
We are still continuing all parts of the project as listed in our white paper.
1. OPTIN holders can purchase advertising on our ad platform. We are also going to open this to commercial advertisers in 2018.
2. The OPTIN Chrome plug-in has been released, and OPTIN holders will receive a bonus for data from the plug-in.
3. EarnHoney users (and our publishing partners) will all receive OPTIN that is fully backed by fiat.
4. We intend to list OPTIN on a exchange in the coming months, possibly tZero and OpenFinance security token exchanges.

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