earnhoney.com is no longer highest earning passively for a year now

People should know that these types of programs don’t last long, there will be up and down as they tried to negociate new ads with the sponsors or advertisers. However earnhoney.com should be the best in doing this because they’re optincoin.org ico whitepaper ready but somehow ico was stopped and people whom withdraw optincoin got stuck with their coins on hold.

Earnhoney is doogood media something like as I heard months ago where the ceo was talking making it big with blockchain technology but it’s been quiet for many months since august since ico never happen and people stuck holding optincoin or not getting paid with optin coin.

Now a day a few users that found reddit earnhoney page voiced their concerns and opinions on seeing no earnings, see no ads, pay out has been slow but that’s fine. The biggest concern is ads not displaying, no earning, and optincoin what is the status? no communication since August this year 2018.

Seems like the best similar program out there now a day is swagbucks, rewardable tv and koinme. Swagbucks always pay and always have something to do that earn you credits immediately. Rewardable TV just let your phone play videos and gifs file and get paid via paypal. Koinme, paid slow but they do pay. Those are the three programs I think will still be around especially swagbucks.

If you want more information about earnhoney status go to this link. But the moderator appears to be working for earnhoney doogood meadia so they will delete or revise some comments in there, especially those negative, real negative comments about earnhoney which they won’t want to expose. https://www.reddit.com/r/earnhoney/