Ebay store subscription seeing new feature ebay Seller Hub

Ebay recently just sent email notification to most if not all ebay seller whom have some kind of subscription to their services. For me, I do have the $15 a month cheap services with them, but I can tell you it doesn’t protect you at all from people giving you negative feedback. Other than that it does protect you from scammer.

*** Once I want to make it clear. No matter what services you subscribed to Ebay. Ebay does not protect you from negative feedback given by others *** totally no protect from negative feedback.

I encountered problems with bad ebay buyer just giving you negative or neutral feedback for no good reason at all, even if you tried your best to rectified the issue still negative and ebay will never remove it.

Well according to the latest email notification for ebay seller. Look like some new tools will be available, not sure what it will help though, but should be better I hope, if not, I have a choice to go back to the old layout I guess.


eBay Seller Hub beta makes it easier to sell more

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Free to use and easy to access, eBay Seller Hub puts all the selling tools you need in one place–with competitive insights, listing guidance, and detailed analytics to help you manage and grow your business.

Detailed sales info
Learn how buyers are finding your products and identify your best-selling listings. Get detailed sales performance and history, including:
Selling costs and fees breakdown
Sales trends by day and month
Best-performing listings
Sales by country
Page views and buyer traffic to your listings
Better tools
Listing items, individually or in bulk, will be faster and easier. You’ll get improved functionality for all the current listing tools such as Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro so you can:
Enter all your information on a streamlined listing form
Add photos directly in the form as you edit your listing
List variations in one multi-quantity listing easily
Edit your live listings in bulk for more efficiency
Competitive insights
See how likely it is that your item will sell compared to other items and get listing recommendations to help you increase sales. You’ll also see how your listings compare against similar, previously sold and current listings on details like:
Item condition
Shipping cost
eBay Store subscriber? Access your subscription right from eBay Seller Hub.
Now all the tools you get with your eBay Stores subscription will be directly accessible in eBay Seller Hub. You’ll also be able to manage your Store’s marketing activities from the Marketing tab within the Seller Hub, making it easy to manage your brand, launch promoted listings, create promotions and markdowns, and more.

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