Woot.com belong to amazon.com is it part of AMAZON.com business

Just in case you don’t know this but Woot.com belong to AMAZON.COM For me I’ve purchased many items from Woot.com with super great deals, sometime I buy large volume to resell them on ebay or local classifieds ads like craigslist or letgo later in the future where woot.com no longer have it in stock or the price on amazon.com went back to normal meaning I purchased for 50% off half price, then when the price goes back to normal, I sell it cheaper than amazon 1-5% cheaper on ebay and local adv.

Below search query on google – “does woot belong to amazon”

What is Woot on Amazon?
The Answer May Surprise You. Amazon (AMZN) has agreed to buy Woot, the clearance site that sells one item per day. … The deal, which occurred on undisclosed terms, will bring Woot’s 2.75 million registered users into the Amazon fold, and will deliver Amazon one of the most talked-about brands in electronic retail.