Bitcore BTX wallet Quick Guide: Replacing Blockchain Data with Bootstrap

If you’re having problem with your Bitcore BTX wallet, then try the latest version on or use the procedure below to fix it.


Quick Guide: Replacing Blockchain Data with Bootstrap

This guide only works with the default configuration, personal configurations are not considered in this guide!

### Follow these steps:
1. Stop your QT Wallet.
2. Press WIN + R and use %AppData%\BitCore to open your BitCore Data Folder.
3. Download Bootstrap from BitCore GitHub:
4. Extract into %AppData%\BitCore folder.
5. Optional: Delete
6. Start your QT Wallet and wait for synchronization

### Now check if your wallet is on the right block
Open in your QT Wallet Menu Help —> Debug Window —> Console and use this command: getblockhash 590361

You should see this block hash: edad1268337885baa232a20caaa6f09b4f7c10b9de12f1428cbcb570da2c80ac