Living on Cryptocurrencies money like Bitcoin and Ethereum really possible?

The answer is yes. You can travel on airplane paying for airfare via Bitcoin ETH on website like , you can take taxi ride like Uber paying with Uber Bitrefill gift card, you can eat from many restaurant with Bitrefill gift card like burger king and so on, you can pay for Hotels using Bitrefill gift card like airbnb… you can pay for entertainment games movies like roblox and apple store using bitrefill gift card, you can do online shopping like and so on using bitrefill gift card, and many others ones. Those mentioned and a few more are very easy process.

You can possibly buy a car and a house if you want to, but it’s not easy, so you have to go through some process which requires some research and time, and probably not going to private meaning you can’t hide away or evading tax.

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Give on crypto with new gifting features at
Send Gifts on Holidays, Birthdays, and More now allows customers to purchase gift cards as vouchers that can be delivered as gifts. These new features allow you to fully customize your gifts to include a custom message and theme that can be emailed and printed easily.

Write a custom message and schedule your delivery for any special occasion: Christmas, birthdays, Chinese New Year, and more.

The gift recipient will get a themed email with their voucher code, and any information needed to use it. As purchaser, you will also receive a full email receipt for your order. Learn more about these new features >

New Hot Products

Netflix USA is back! and we also added Netflix UK, Brazil, Switzerland and Turkey.

Play Station Network
Now also supported for accounts in: Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Omán, Denmark, Finland, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Czech Republic, Bahrain, and Japan.

People from USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy can now enjoy the incredible prices and offers from the clothing giant.

Carrefour and IKEA France
People located in France just got their live-on-crypto grocery and furnishing options improved dramatically by the addition of France’s #1 Supermarket chain, Carrefour, and the one and only IKEA.

Bitrefill Telegram, a Group of Power Users
Join 660+ global citizens on maximizing the Live on Crypto learnings. Ask questions, help a felllow bitrefiller, meet people from literally everywhere, make suggestions, chat with Bitrefill employees, talk Bitcoin, and don’t forget some memes!

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