Pay your tax Bitcoin Cryptos folks “Important Information for Taxes” 2019

Pay your Bitcoin Crypto currencies tax folks, you can’t get away for long before IRS government will catch up to you. Tax requirement for 2019 included a question “did you own any cryptocurrencies like bitcoin” don’t lied they will get you. It is the right thing to do if you earn money, the profit would be taxable. You will not go to jail for not filing taxes, but you will go to jail and hit with fines for not reporting the truth, don’t risk it. If you profit $10k of cryptos, then maybe about $2500 tax which left you with $7500 in your pocket I think that’s fair, you have nothing to worry about after paying $2500 tax. That $2500 go to good cause like safety in your country, the road, health and so on, stop thinking about how bad the governments are and how they spend your money that’s negative thinking, if you think there’s other places countries that can do better than America USA then leave go to that country or where ever you think is better, GO! just kidding, but the truth is you’re in better hand in American USA than other countries, trust me I’ve been to many other countries all over the world and I think America USA is the best, just live your life be happy, follow the law.

On Thursday, January 23, 2020, 08:29:51 PM EST, Robinhood <[email protected]> wrote:Robinhood Logo
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Tax season is fast approaching, so we’re reaching out with some information and key dates to help you prepare.

1. Key Dates
All the documents you need for tax season will be available by February 18th. We’ll send you another email letting you know when these documents are ready to download from the Robinhood app or website.

In early February, you may also receive an email with tax information from Apex Clearing, our former clearing partner. This means that some activity, such as dividend payments, continued to post there. Even if you receive this form, keep in mind that your account has been converted from Apex to Robinhood Securities, our new clearing platform. The Apex email will only apply to your Apex 1099, and you may still receive additional 1099s from Robinhood Securities or Robinhood Crypto, so please wait until you hear from us before you file your tax return!

Early February – Apex may email you to let you know that your Apex 1099 is ready.
On Or Before February 18th – Robinhood will email you to let you know that all of your 1099(s) are ready for download.

2. Tax Forms
You may receive more than one 1099 from Robinhood. Here’s how to know which forms you will receive:
Apex IRS Form 1099: If you had any taxable events during 2019 at Apex, our former clearing partner, you will receive a separate 1099 form. Even if you receive this form, keep in mind that your account has been converted from Apex to Robinhood Securities, our new clearing platform.
Robinhood Securities IRS Form 1099: If you had any taxable events at Robinhood Securities in 2019, you will receive a 1099 from Robinhood Securities, our new clearing platform.
Robinhood Crypto IRS Form 1099: If you sold cryptocurrencies in 2019, you will receive a PDF of your 1099, as well as a CSV file of your crypto activity to assist with uploading your tax information to services like TurboTax.
3. TurboTax
We’ve partnered with TurboTax so that you can easily import your tax information, and as a gesture of appreciation for being a Robinhood customer, we’re offering a discount of up to $20 for their federal products. You can claim your TurboTax discount by following this link:

Please check out our Help Center if you have any questions, and happy tax season!

The Robinhood Team


Please consult your accountant, CPA, or advisor about your personal tax situation. Robinhood does not provide tax advice.

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