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Just in case some of you might still be using Visa Checkout, they have some update to inform you. It is good, not bad, Visa Checkout pretty good, it cost you nothing, and secure your payment guaranteed. It’s just an additional layer to protect you from scammers and centralize your payment experience.

On Thursday, November 21, 2019, 02:03:17 PM EST, Visa Checkout <[email protected]> wrote:

Coming soon: a new easy, smart and secure online checkout

The Visa Checkout experience is evolving
Hi ,
Visa has begun rolling out a new online payment experience built on the latest industry standards. With this new experience, you’ll be able to click to pay with your Visa cards wherever you see this icon where Visa is accepted. This new click to pay experience aims to simplify paying online by eliminating the need to remember passwords and reducing the amount of lengthy form fields at checkout. This new experience is initially available at some participating merchants, namely Cinemark, Movember, and Rakuten, leading up to wider availability in early 2020 when remaining Visa Checkout merchants will transition.
With this new payment experience, you’ll enjoy online checkout that is:
■ Easy: Say good-bye to passwords and long form fields.
■ Smart: Activate once at any participating merchant site. Choose to be remembered and you’ll be set up for a streamlined checkout with your Visa card on your device whenever you click on the icon where Visa is accepted.
■ Secure: You can feel confident using your Visa card knowing that Visa uses advanced technologies and multiple layers of payment security to help protect your card against unauthorized use.
No other action is needed on your end at this time. Visa’s next-generation payment experience will be automatically available to you as a Visa Checkout user. Simply look for this icon where Visa is accepted when shopping online and click to pay with your Visa card. You can continue using Visa Checkout and visit our portal to manage your cards or modify your account during and after our transition.
Manage Your Cards
If your Visa Checkout account currently includes cards from other payment networks, the non-Visa cards saved in Visa Checkout will not automatically transfer. To enable your other cards such as Mastercard or American Express we recommend that you contact each payment network directly.
Mastercard customer support: 1-833-271-9871
American Express customer support: call the number on the back of your card
We appreciate your being a loyal Visa Checkout customer and look forward to bringing you the newest advances in online payments. If you have any questions, please review our FAQs.
Many thanks,
The Visa Checkout Team

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