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Use Lastpass folks, too many passwords to remember, all you need is one password and let lastpass remember the rest of your passwords, some of you might think it’s what?????? one password? so anyone whom know your one password will know the rest? well kind of like that but why would you give out your one password in the first place? hack?- not that easy to hack lastpass unless you allowed it to happen, just make the one password ridiculously hard for anyone hackers super computer to guess and you’re safe.

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We made a list, we checked it twice.
From our LastPass family to yours: we encourage you to keep the season merry and bright by adding cybersecurity best practices to your holiday prep.

Before you begin your holiday travel or load up an online shopping cart with presents for Aunt Sally, make sure you review these tips for protecting your digital information all season long:

#1 Cozy up to two-factor authentication

Ensure your digital accounts are as protected as possible by enabling two-factor authentication across all of your devices.
Learn more about 2FA →

#2 Give the gift of cybersecurity

Gather ’round for a LastPass tutorial fit for everyone in the family! Share special tips on how to get mom & dad on board with cybersecurity.
Make LastPass family-friendly →

#3 Shop smart with online purchases

Fill your stockings with care with these best practices for protecting your digital payment information while online shopping.
Help me shop smart →

#4 Stay protected while traveling

Avoid getting stuck in a holiday jam. Learn more about adding secure travel documents to your LastPass Vault.
Safe travels with LastPass →

#5 Sleigh the LastPass Security Check-Up

‘Tis the season to ensure your online accounts can withstand any type of breach. The LastPass security check-up is a simple way to stay secure.
I’m ready for my security check-up →

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