$8.65 In re Experian Data Breach Litigation – Distribution of Settlement Benefit

Yep it’s not $125, it’s $8, a lousy $8 is how much you will get for compensation of your data got hacked, breached. And I’m talking about a big company that people trusted cannot protect our data, it got hacked, your personal detail identity got stolen hackers have a copy of your information your financial information your personal information your bank data details leaked.

On Thursday, November 21, 2019, 10:58:38 PM EST, [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:


KCC Class Action Services, LLC has sent you $8.65 USD
NOTE FROM KCC Class Action Services, LLC:
quote “This amount represents your Default or Documented Time settlement payment in the In re Experian Data Breach Litigation Settlement. This payment is the Settlement Benefit to which you are entitled for the eligible claim in accordance with the settlement that has been approved by the Court. If you have any questions about potential tax issues, we recommend that you consult a professional tax consultant. Neither Class Counsel, Defense Counsel nor the staff at the Claims Administrator can provide you with any tax advice. If you have any questions regarding your Settlement Benefit, please visit the settlement website at www.expdatabreachsettlement.com.”

“Claim Number EB-11483790” quote

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Transaction ID: 4R2276C2165X November 21, 2019

Money received $8.65 USD

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