Bitcoin crashed again and again and again and again …

Are you scare? am I scare? you betcha I’m a little bit scare whoever says they’r not scare or even a little nervous is a liar.

Anyhow, welcome to the Bitcoin world as most people say, it will go up one day, and down the next, up a little, big crashed, then up a little then big crash, $20k today $2k tomorrow. It is Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies, when will this end? no one know, it is super volatile still today.

Someone mentioned that Bitcoin price need to be at $150K in order to get ETF, I don’t know how this come about, must be some insane calculation that they did.

If you are into Cryptos currencies world, you should not be surprise of the volatility, up one day big down the next, down one day and sky rocket the next, you just have to keep your eye open and for the daily trade so call day trade, you buy the dip and sell the up.

Don’t get scare and say “I’m not going to look at the price chart again, it’s too scary and could give me a heart attack” don’t be. Knowing that you’re getting into Cryptos world Bitcoin, you know it’s volatile and the money you invested is the money that you do not need for a year or more or never or could also possibly be gone for many years. Never invest in money you cannot afford to loose.

If you are scare, nervous checking the price of Bitcoin every time, but you need to check it in order to sell and make a profit, then why not set auto buy and auto sell because most if not all Bitcoin Crypto exchange now a day have that auto buy and sell features with stop loss and on and so forth, even short sell … for only those day trader that is. However if you are a day trader, you already expect the volatility so you should not be scare or afraid to look at it. One day seeing your portfolio gained 2 figures and next all gone and you’re thinking, DAMN!!!! I should have sold it yesterday, it’s typical. You’re not alone, don’t be scare, don’t be afraid, everyone in cryptocurrencies are pretty much the same as you, even the CEO of Paypal he’s buying Bitcoin and HOLD, he’s not worrying about volatility because he already know it is volatile, he’s in it for a long term.

So folks, don’t worry, many people are like you in the Cryptocurrencies world with Bitcoin, just do not invest money into scam coins, you’re safe with the top 3 like Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin XRP, and just hold, we’re all in the same boat.